Commuter bus wading and overturning in Pingshan County, Hebei

  13 people have been killed, and 1 person is still in search and rescue

  The reporter learned from the Ministry of Public Security that at 7 o'clock on October 11, a commuter bus wading and overturning occurred on the auxiliary road of Hutuo River Bridge, Gangcheng Road, Pingshan County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province.

According to CCTV reports, as of 19:00 on the same day, through full search and rescue, a total of 50 people were rescued, of which 37 were safe (29 people have returned to work, 7 people are in the hospital, their vital signs are stable, and the driver is 1). All-out rescue efforts failed; another person lost contact is still in full search and rescue.

  After receiving the report, the Ministry of Public Security attaches great importance to it and has sent a working team to the scene of the accident to guide the investigation and disposal. It requires the local public security organs, under the leadership of the party committee and the government, to cooperate fully in the search and rescue of the missing persons and the aftermath, and quickly find out the cause according to law. Investigate responsibility and earnestly safeguard the safety of people’s lives and property.

  At present, the public security organs have taken control of the drivers who caused the accident, and personnel search and rescue, accident investigation, and medical treatment are in full swing.

  local people:

  The bridge floor where the incident occurred was very low, it was originally a flooded bridge

  Local resident Mr. Liang told reporters that the bridge deck of the Queen Mother Bridge where the incident occurred was very low.

  The reporter found that the Wangmu Bridge Section of Gangcheng Road in Pingshan County is about 14 kilometers away from the location of Jingye Group.

Gangcheng Road is the only way to reach the group from Pingshan County.

  "The bridge deck is very low, it was originally a flood bridge." Mr. Liang said.

The so-called flood bridge is a simple ordinary bridge built on the river, and the water level rises slightly to cross the bridge deck.

  On October 4, the Pingshan County Meteorological Observatory issued a blue rainstorm warning, and on October 6, it issued a yellow rainstorm warning.

Affected by this, the water level of Hutuo River continued to rise.

  According to media reports, due to the release of water from Gangnan Reservoir in the upper reaches of Hutuo River, this also caused water to overflow on the Wangmu Bridge. This section of the road could not be passed normally before the incident.

  Mr. Liang provided a video of the Queen Mother Bridge before the incident: there were no fences on both sides of the bridge, a section of the bridge deck was submerged by the water of the Hutuo River, and the boundary between the bridge deck and the water surface was almost invisible.

In the video of more than one minute, there are multiple trailers and buses wading through the water.

  Full rescue:

  The two departments urged to find out the reasons as soon as possible and pursue relevant responsibilities in accordance with laws and regulations

  After the accident, the main leaders of Shijiazhuang City and Pingshan County rushed to the scene to command rescue and quickly set up a rescue headquarters to organize emergency, fire, public security, health and other departments to conduct search and rescue efforts.

The health department organizes medical institutions to treat rescued personnel with all-out efforts.

  The Emergency Management Department has dispatched a working group to go to the scene to guide rescue and investigation work in conjunction with public security, transportation and other departments.

The working group has arrived at the scene to start work.

  In the next step, the Office of the State Council Security Committee and the Emergency Management Department will urge Hebei Province to seriously investigate the accident, find out the cause as soon as possible, pursue relevant responsibilities in accordance with laws and regulations, learn from the accident, and strictly prevent the recurrence of similar accidents; urge relevant departments and units to take further steps. Strengthen road traffic safety in the autumn flood season, deepen the three-year action of special rectification of traffic and transportation safety production, and effectively prevent and resolutely curb the occurrence of major accidents.

  West China Metropolis Daily-Cover News Correspondent Cao Fei

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