China News Service, Nanchang, October 11 (Reporter Wu Pengquan) The official WeChat public account of the New Branch of the Nanchang City Public Security Bureau, Jiangxi Province, "Nanchang New Public Security" issued a notice on the 11th, saying that the bureau had issued a report on a man who made comments that insulted the heroic volunteers to resist the US and Aid Korea. , To impose a penalty of ten days of administrative detention.

  On October 8, the public security organs received reports from the masses, and the net name "Youyou of Left and Right" posted on Sina Weibo remarks insulting the heroes of the Anti-US Aid Korean Volunteers, which caused negative social impact.

After receiving the report, the new branch of the Nanchang Public Security Bureau quickly launched an investigation and summoned Zuo Moudong (male, 42 years old, Sina Weibo name "Youyou of Youyou") according to law on the same day.

  According to the local police report, after investigation, Zuo Moudong confessed to his illegal act of insulting the heroes of the volunteers to resist the US and Aid Korea on the Sina Weibo platform.

According to the "Public Security Administration Punishment Law of the People's Republic of China," the public security organ imposed a penalty of 10 days of administrative detention on Zuo Moudong.

  The police reminded that heroes and martyrs must not be desecrated and cyberspace is not an extra-legal place. Public security organs will severely investigate and punish acts that insult, slander, or otherwise infringe the reputation and honor of heroes and martyrs in accordance with the law.

It is hoped that the majority of netizens will consciously abide by laws and regulations and jointly create a good network environment.