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  How to reduce the burden of homework?

Educators "make their own unique tricks"

  "Children in the compulsory education stage are in childhood. They just want to play and release their nature. You have to discover the children's interests and development points at this stage. Only when the burden of schoolwork is reduced, children have the time and energy to find their own interests. This point of interest is likely to be his future development direction." said Sha Yan, director of the Academic Affairs Office of Jingwu Road Primary School in Jinan City.

  After the "double reduction" policy was issued, "how the school implements burden reduction" has become the most concerned issue for parents of students and the society.

Recently, the Qilu Evening News Qilu One Point reporter interviewed several front-line educators on topics such as homework management and after-school services.

  Qilu Evening News, Qilu One Point Reporter

  Pan Shijin Gong Yueyue

  Provide delayed service course menu

  Students design course content independently

  On the 9th, Jinan City’s primary and secondary school class teachers’ key ability demonstration and promotion event will be held. At the event, the old class will take the stage to share the strategy of leading the class and tell the educational story.

At the event site, Wang Na, the head teacher of Weier Road Primary School in Jinan City, shared her class management experience with the topic of "Building a Community for the Growth of Life".

  As the head teacher of the candy class in the second grade of grade four, Wang Na is not only a teacher of the students, but also a tutor of the student group.

In Weier Road Primary School, students freely form a "help group", the group members plan together, set goals together, and hire teachers as mentors to guide them.

  "I am the tutor of the Hanmo Shuxiang Gang. For two years, the students organized a calligraphy competition in the class, and carried out voting, and awarded certificates for the excellent works selected." Wang Na said, in the help group, the students Not only I found my own interests, but my communication skills, cooperation skills, and interpersonal skills have also been greatly improved.

  "In the new semester, the school is also exploring new forms of help in the after-school service phase. The school breaks class boundaries and provides several types of delayed service course menus such as labor, reading, physical education, and science. Gangs’, design specific course content independently.” Although she is a Chinese teacher, Wang Na chose to be the instructor of the sports gangs.

  Wang Na said that as a tutor, a teacher should not only be limited to the subjects he teaches, but must have the ability to educate people throughout the subject, pay attention to the students’ ability to discover and solve problems, so that students can learn in real situations and cultivate their real abilities. .

For example, in the delayed service class, I can guide students to understand sports figures and learn sportsmanship and qualities.

  "In addition to helping the group, every Friday afternoon, the school will also carry out personalized delayed service courses, such as small student forums, research activities and other activities, to provide students with a platform to show themselves." Wang Na said.

  Publicize the content of the work one week in advance

  Guide students to explore in practice

  The "double reduction" policy clearly requires that the total amount and duration of homework should be reduced in an all-round way, so as to reduce the burden of heavy homework on students.

The promulgation of the "Operation Burden Reduction Order" means that an "Operation Revolution" has begun.

  As the director of the Academic Affairs Office of Jinan Jingwulu Primary School, Sha Yan is most concerned about the design and management of homework under "double reduction".

"In the early stage, we mainly explored layered homework. For example, mathematics will assign different homework according to different students, assigning more difficult questions to children with strong abilities, so that they can'feed,' and children with weaker learning ability will be assigned. Master the basic knowledge topics."

  Therefore, English homework is not only a burden for the students of the school, but has become a platform for cultivating their interests and expertise.

After class, we will provide children with a multi-dimensional platform for self-expression in the form of storytelling in picture books.

  Sha Yan revealed that in the new semester, the smart campus will be fully rolled out and a rapid quality inspection center will be established.

"To put it simply, it is to use the platform to evaluate students for 10 minutes, and to customize their homework based on how solid they have mastered their knowledge."

  "Teachers will upload the content of the next week's subject homework one week in advance, and fill in the teacher's trial homework time and the estimated time for students to complete." said Zuo Chen, the head teacher of the fifth class of Quanxin Primary School, Shizhong District, Jinan, and the teacher is assigning When doing homework, the time and quality of the homework will be considered.

As a class teacher, he will also coordinate the overall content of the homework according to the class schedule of the subject every day, so that students can basically complete the homework in school.

  Combining the different learning abilities of students, Zuo Chen also arranged hierarchical homework to give students space to choose.

For example, write a fun diary in the form of paintings and words; design solar terms signs, be small spokespersons, share solar terms knowledge, etc., to guide students to explore and learn knowledge in practice.

  In Jinan Shengfu Experimental Primary School and Jinan Yanshan School Primary School, the two schools developed more than 60 project-based assignments through project-based learning, such as observation and experience assignments for Chinese subjects, and area measurement assignments for mathematics subjects, etc. , Combine knowledge learning with life practice, and guide students to learn through practical inquiry.

  "To meet the individual needs of students, teachers need to provide a variety of choices." said Gao Hongyan, principal of the primary school of Jinan Shengfu Experimental Primary School and Jinan Yanshan School. This summer, the school has formulated a series of homework "menus" based on labor practices in various disciplines. Students can choose to participate in hands-on production, social practice, housework, etc., so that homework is no longer limited to sitting at the desk to complete, but to cultivate students' knowledge and thinking ability in practice.