Author: Wang Jingya

  Located in Yunnan Province in southwestern China

  Known as

  "Animal Kingdom" "Plant Kingdom"

  And the reputation of "species gene bank"

Asian elephant.

Photo by Zuo Lingren

  Yunnan Province

  Only 4.1% of the country's land area

  But it covers the earth

  Except for oceans and deserts

  All ecosystem types

  There are many rare and unique

  Or ancient groups of organisms

  It is also the origin and differentiation center of many species

  Biodiversity ranks first in the country

Dongchuan Red Land.

Photograph by Yang Gaolin

  Rich biodiversity

  Created the South of Colorful Clouds

  The spectacular scene of "all things symbiosis"

  From majestic mountains to tropical rainforest

  From plateau lakes to rushing rivers

  From peculiar karst landforms to unrestrained red land


  In this rich land

  Harmony between man and nature

The God Waterfall in Yubeng Village, Shangri-La.

Photo by Luo Ruishen

  You ask Yunnan

  How beautiful is it?

  A set of pictures, tell you the answer!

  "A mountain is divided into four seasons,

  Ten miles are different days.


  This saying

  It’s perfect to describe the mountains in Yunnan

  Towering mountains

  With rich climate types

  Achieving a grand view of tolerance

"Sunshine Golden Mountain" scene in Meili Snow Mountain.

Photograph by Yang Gaolin

  How many people come to yunnan

  Just for a glimpse

  The wonders of Meili Snow Mountain "Sunshine Golden Mountain"

Cowin of Meili Snow Mountain.

Photo by Wang Xiaoyun

  Its highest peak, Kawagebo, is 6,740 meters above sea level

  Snow does not melt all year round

  Magical and magnificent

Gaoligong Mountain Kanda.

Photo by Zhang Youlin

  Gaoligong Mountain, known as "life refuge"

  Concentratedly distributed

  About 17% of higher plants in China

  About 30% of mammals

  And more than 35% of birds

Wuliangshan cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

Photo by Deng Hong

  When the land of Shenzhou was covered by snow and ice

  The sun is shining brightly in Dali, Yunnan

  Every winter

  Wuliang Mountain, Nanjian County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture

  The delicate winter cherry blossoms are all blooming

Lush tea hills.

Photo by Liu Ranyang

  World-famous Pu'er tea

  Also grows in Yunnan

  Between the misty mountains

Yunnan Ecological Tea Garden.

Photo by Zhang Pengfei

  On the land of Yunling

  Except for the lofty mountains

  Also inlaid with bright "Pearls"

Fishing in the open lake of Dianchi Lake presents a scene of "hundreds of boats entering Yunnan, thousands of sails competing for development".

Miao Chao photo

  As the largest freshwater lake in Yunnan

  Dianchi Lake, known as the "Pearl of the Plateau"

  Located in the southwest of Kunming

  It is the "Mother Lake" of generation after generation

Fuxian Lake.

Photo by Liao Chao

  Fuxian Lake, praised by the ancients as "the glaze of thousands of hectares"

  Still clear

  Reserve 15 tons of Class I water for each Chinese

Erhai Lake Muge.

Photo by Luo Zhu

  In the distance, the Cangshan mountain is covered with green, and the wind is surging

  The lake is shining and the flowers are luxuriant

  The clear water and clear waves of Erhai Lake

  It contrasts with the Bai folk houses with blue tiles and white walls

The "water poplar flowers" on Lugu Lake.

Photo by Zhao Fayuan

  Lugu Lake at the junction of Yunnan and Sichuan

  Every summer

  There will be the beauty of "water poplar flowers" in full bloom

A bird's-eye view of the Pu'er Xima River.

Photo by Zhang Pengfei

  How can we not talk about rivers if there are lakes

  In Yunnan

  Hundreds of river catchment areas spread across the province

The Lancang River Grand Bridge flies across the Lancang River sky moat.

Photo by Wang Yixiang

  it's here

  The Lancang River and the Mekong River connect six countries

  Become Asia's golden waterway

The first bay of the Nu River.

Photo by Luo Zhonghua

  The surging Nu River sky moat

  Once blocked the Japanese invasion of Yunnan

Yunnan Three Parallel Rivers Reserve.

Image source: ICphoto

  World Natural Heritage-Three Parallel Rivers


Image source of Tiger Leaping Gorge: Oriental IC

  and also

  Tiger Leaping Gorge, "The First Grand Canyon of the Yangtze River in Ten Thousand Miles"

  It's even more dangerous, majestic and breathtaking


  And it is here in Yunnan

  Wonderful mountains and rivers

  Live a group of beautiful "elves"


Photo by Zuo Lingren

  It is understood

  Yunnan's animal species

  More than half of the national categories

  The number of species is the highest in the country

  Countless endangered species and characteristic species

  And national-level protected animals

  Thrive on this land

  Harmony with humans

  Make the title of "Animal Kingdom" famous all over the world

Asian elephant herd.

Photo courtesy of Yunnan Provincial Forest Fire Brigade

  This year

  Wild Asian Elephants "All the Way North"

  Become an "international internet celebrity"

  Let the world pay attention to Yunnan

Yunnan golden monkey.

Photo by Liu Ranyang

  Baima Snow Mountain in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

  There are more than 3,000 cute Yunnan golden monkeys


  They have regarded humans as friends

  Show the heroic appearance and beautiful shadows generously

Green peacock.

Photo by Zuo Lingren

  The protagonist of the literati and ink guest of the past dynasties

  Prototype of the auspicious bird phoenix

  One of the most beautiful birds in the world

  ——Green Peacock

  And treat this as my home

Zhaotong black-necked crane.

Photograph by Yang Gaolin

  Every winter is

  Black-necked Crane

  Season of migration

  2020 year

  Came to Dashanbao Wetland Park in Zhaotong City

  The number of overwintering black-necked cranes has reached more than 1,900

  About one-sixth of the total number of black-necked cranes in the world

The colored ibis appeared in Dehong, Yunnan.

Photo by Yin Yihu

  January 2020

  Nature Photographer

  In Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture

  Moving images of colored ibis recorded in Daying River Basin

  It was once asserted that "the colored ibis that has disappeared in China"

  Reappearing in China


The endangered plant Huabai reappeared in a hundred years in time. Photographed by Jiang Hong

  The title of "Plant Kingdom" in Yunnan

  The same is not a vain name

  There are 19,333 species of higher plants

  45 species of national key protected wild plants

  108 species of national Ⅱ-level key wild plants


Photo by Zuo Lingren


  Four seasons flowers bloom undefeated

Cherry blossoms in Kunming.

Photo by Liu Ranyang

Jacaranda blooms on Jiaochang Middle Road, Kunming City.

Photo by He Daoqiang

Luoping rape field.

Photo by Deng Hong

Thousands of acres of cosmos are blooming in the ancient stone forest.

Photo by Ren Dong


  There are many mysterious plants with different shapes

The large plant Wang Lian.

Photo by Kang Ping

Paphiopedilum of white flag.

Photo by Kang Ping

The critically endangered plant Xichou Qinggang introduced to Kunming for the first time in 13 years.

Photo by Chen Zhifa


  Everyone loves flowers and wild plants

Edible roses enter the picking season.

Photo by Liu Ranyang

All kinds of wild flowers and edible vegetables are freshly listed in a farmer's market in Kunming.

Photo by Liu Ranyang

Chrysanthemum has become one of the raw materials for bridge rice noodles.

Photo by Liu Ranyang


  Yunnan's unique geographical and climatic conditions

  Also nurtured a wealth of fungal resources

Chicken fir flowers.

Photo by Zuo Lingren

  Among the recorded fungi

  Yunnan accounts for about 9.4% of the global species

  Is a veritable "Fungus Kingdom"

Red and yellow amanita.

Photo by Zuo Lingren

  Among so many kinds of fungi

  I found a lot of Yunnan foodies

  Their "source of happiness"

Various wild mushrooms for sale in the market.

Photo by Liu Ranyang


  "Yunnan people say they eat fungus second

  No one dares to be number one"

Various wild mushrooms for sale in the market.

Photo by Kang Ping

  under such a circumstance

  Yunnan has produced a unique culture of wild fungi

Vendors in the market use mobile phones to sell wild mushrooms live.

Photo by Kang Ping

  Yunnan people have also learned from wild mushrooms

  Sold from the deep mountains to the global table

  Make it a green industry for getting rich


Yuanyang Terraces.

Photograph by Yang Gaolin

  Watched so much

  I believe all friends

  Already the same as Xiaoxin

  Fascinated by Yunnan

Luoping Nasefenghai.

Photo by Zhang Youlin

  South of colorful clouds,

  The direction of the heart.


  Convention on Biological Diversity

  Fifteenth Conference of the Parties

  The first phase of the meeting

  It is being held in Kunming, Yunnan Province


  Become the focus of the world again

  Action is worse than heart

  Yunnan, waiting for you!