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Educational institutions are not a place to repeat useless experiences.

Sami Al Riyami


October 12, 2021

For a foreign expert to move from one institution to another, this is a natural matter and there is no harm in it, and the situation does not differ much in most fields. or stand against it. Although the UAE is currently not in dire need of foreign experts or consultants, except in limited areas, we do not deny the necessity of their presence, and it is not logical to demand that they be dispensed with.

One field, an exception to the above, and it does not accept bargaining, experimentation and betting. It is an important and vital field, and it determines the fate of future generations. It is the field of education, especially in its university stages, where future generations are made in these educational institutions, and where personalities, ideas and identities are built. The young men and women who will take over the reins of matters, and will direct the helm of government and private work in the country during the next fifty years, these cannot be manipulated, and they cannot be used as “test mice” for the ideas and programs of foreign experts, whose only concern is to achieve the highest financial gain in the least period of time. Possible, and this means that those who prove their failure in a prestigious university such as the UAE University, cannot be trusted in another important university such as Zayed University!

The programs that fail to achieve the requirements of the state, the vision of education, and the future of students at the UAE University, and the concerned authorities decide to cancel them out of experience, conviction and study, can never succeed at Zayed University, reason and logic confirm this, the inputs are the same, the educational environment is similar, and the targets of Students are from the same category, so why insist on wasting more time, and betting on experts who have proven their failure, were excluded, and proved that they cannot achieve an important educational benefit or shift for male and female students, where is the wisdom in that?

Worse than this, those foreigners who are called experts or consultants, who have been proven to be a complete failure, and whose services have been dismissed, amid many signs of astonishment and wonder at the way they are managed, and other things, how they can be appointed again in a huge and important educational institution like Zayed University, To play the same bad role, and to decide the same systematic plans and programs in marginalizing and expelling citizen officials, and bringing and appointing their friends and followers, but rather the application of the weakest and most failed strategies, which can never develop science and knowledge, how can they do that?

And how can they move very easily after discovering their failure in one institution, to be able to take control of matters in another institution, with flexibility, speed and ease?!

A failed cook will remain a failure even if the kitchen changes, or the cooking tools change, because the failure here is related to the cook himself, and his modest capabilities and skill, not in the kitchen, so he cannot make a good cook, regardless of the place, shape and kitchen equipment, this is the case of these experts, However, there are those who are not convinced of this, it is really strange, it cannot be accepted or even believable, but, unfortunately, it happened here, and it still happens!



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