Poles in the streets for Europe

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Demonstration in Warsaw in support of Poland's accession to the European Union, Sunday October 10, 2021. © AP / Czarek Sokolowski

By: Frédérique Lebel

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They took to the streets in droves yesterday.

80 to 100,000 Poles in Warsaw and elsewhere to say that they did not want a Polexit, their country leaving the European Union.

The time has come for maximum tension between Warsaw and Brussels, while the Polish Constitutional Court considers that the decisions of the European Court of Justice are incompatible with national law.


But in a country which owes a lot to Europe for its economic development, and where 80% of Poles say they are in favor of Europe in the polls, this new crisis orchestrated by the PiS, the party in power, does not pass. .

Listen to these two demonstrators that

Helene Bienvenue

met on site


Also to listen: In the News: Poles in the street to defend their membership of the European Union

And if the independence of the judiciary and the press, the rights of LGBT minorities are at the heart of the dispute between the European Union and Poland, the issue of migrants and respect for human rights is also in the foreground. European collimator. 

On the border with Belarus,

Warsaw is building a wall of barbed wire

to prevent the arrival of thousands of migrants.

The situation on the border, where a state of emergency has been declared, poses humanitarian questions.

Six people were killed.

But residents and activists come to the aid of migrants who manage to cross.

Report a few kilometers from the Belarusian border signed

Myriam Baele

of RTBF.

The rest of the Pandora papers

These revelations on tax havens and offshore accounts that splash a good part of the leaders of the planet.

In Hungary, the name of Prime Minister Viktor Orban does not appear as such.

On the other hand, businessmen very close to his government are clearly singled out.

Will they be prosecuted?

We can doubt it because the police and the judiciary are closely linked to the ruling party.

In Budapest,

Florence La Bruyère


Impunity, impunity despite the revelations

In Russia, billionaires can sleep comfortably.

Since 2018, three Russian islands have been transformed into “in-house tax havens” for Russian wealthy people.

Explanations from Moscow by

Jean Cassez


And if Europe was also a story of terroirs

Gourmet products that tell us a little bit of our identity and that we defend with controlled or protected Designation of Origin, as Europe knows so well.

Products at the heart of small and large European battles that

Franceline Beretti

tells us in her column



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