A few days ago, the Rolling Stones stopped in Charlotte, North Carolina, to give a concert as part of their tour which they continue despite the disappearance of Charlie Watts.

Arrived the night before, Mick Jagger went for a walk in town before stopping in a bar, the Thirsty Beaver Saloon, to sip a small beer and he went completely incognito!

The singer also then posted a snapshot of this little moment of relaxation on Twitter, with the caption: "on the move last night in Charlotte, North Carolina".

And indeed, we can see that the other customers around do not seem to pay attention to this brand visitor.

Good vibrations

However, Brian Wilson, not the singer of the Beach Boys but the owner of the bar, ensures that one of the regulars of the place recognized Mick Jagger without alerting the rest of the customers.

"He was there and then he left," summed up concisely the owner of the Thirsty Beaver Saloon interviewed by the

Charlotte Observer


It remains to be wondered what is most impressive: that Mick Jagger can walk incognito, or that he is still able to wiggle on stage at 78 years old.


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