(Biodiversity Conference) ASEAN Deputy Secretary-General Kang Fu: ASEAN needs to strengthen cooperation with China to guard "natural treasures"

  China News Service, Dali, October 9th (Reporter Miao Chao) "ASEAN is working hard to protect and restore the rich natural treasures in the region. This requires China's stronger support." ASEAN Deputy Secretary-General Kang Fu was in Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province on the 9th. At the "Promoting the Construction of Global Ecological Civilization (Erhai) Forum", he said this when he gave an online keynote speech.

  Kang Fu introduced at the forum that the ASEAN region is considered to be one of the world’s most biodiversity-rich regions and the center of global marine biodiversity, with at least 60% of tropical peatlands, 42% of mangroves and 15% of the world’s tropical peatlands. Tropical forest.

  "However, due to rapid deforestation, extinction of wild species, and ecological vulnerability in the face of disasters, the biodiversity of the region is facing severe challenges." Kang Fu said that ASEAN is taking action to meet the challenges, which requires cooperation including China. Partners give stronger support.

  In recent years, the China-ASEAN cooperation mechanism in the field of climate and environment has been continuously improved, with richer connotations and continuous innovation in forms. It has achieved achievements in environmental policy dialogue, environmental information sharing, biodiversity protection, environmental protection industry and technology exchanges, and environmental management capacity building. Fruitful results.

This year is also the China-ASEAN Sustainable Development Cooperation Year. The successful holding of a series of activities has strongly promoted the pragmatic cooperation between the two parties in related fields and made the concept of green development partnership more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

  He hopes that ASEAN can strengthen cooperation with China in climate adaptability, urban waste and coastal management, biodiversity protection, sustainable communities and smart solutions, and green finance.