Whether you are fresher in the professional world or have years of experience, joining a new organization may make you feel alone. For some, it is tough to take the initiative and start a random conversation.

It's a good thing if you possess knowledge about the latest trends as it will help you strike a conversation. If you still find it uncomfortable, here are a few tips to start your conversation.

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Sports to the Rescue

The most effortless conversation to begin with a stranger is always about sports, be it the match timings, player movements, last season’s standings or the latest MLB odds. You can never go wrong when talking about sports. Most people love watching or playing some form of sport, so the odds of finding someone matching your wavelength when it comes to sports is surprisingly high.

Talk about Finance

Everyone wants to improve their financial standing. This can only be done with sound financial knowledge. If you have suitable finance tips up your sleeve, don't hesitate to share them. You could speak about the stock market, intelligent investment plans, or even simple saving tips that might have helped you.


Talking about books is also a great way to break the ice. Whether you are an avid reader or want to begin, it's a great way to start a casual chat with your colleague in the next cubicle. It's also a fun way to get together with colleagues and share books. This proves to be cost-effective and is a great bonding exercise.


People across the world love to try new food. Food can be a great ice-breaker, especially if you are a good cook. If you're not, a fantastic Italian restaurant nearby can be a great way to share lunch with your colleagues.

Socialize After Hours

If you are a newcomer and you genuinely have good people around you, you can ask them to join you for a few cold ones after office hours. If you don't drink, you can always have people over for pizza or game night.

Compliment Others

Everyone likes compliments. If you compliment someone for their excellent work or helpful nature, they automatically warm up towards you. Be genuine with your compliments, and don't go out of your way to give one. Over complimenting could make you come across as cheesy and desperate.

Be Presentable

Be presentable when you arrive at work each day. You should iron your shirt, polish your shoes, and comb your hair in place. Being well-dressed is an added advantage when it comes to breaking the ice.


When you smile, you look approachable. People will find it easy to communicate with you. After all, nobody likes a grumpy or angry colleague.

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Be a Team Player

When you're new at a workplace, you may want to make your presence felt and be in the limelight. As a new employee, this may not always go down well with your co-workers. If you want to be in their good books, try to be a team player and share credit rather than keeping it to yourself.

Talking to people at your new workplace and trying to socialize is necessary to keep work fun. Social interactions also help relieve work pressure and make you efficient. It also allows you to stay updated with what's happening around the office and which promotion is up for grabs. Be approachable and try to initiate conversations on familiar topics. Never try and speak about something you are not familiar with, just to fit in. Also, never make the mistake of speaking about your colleagues behind their back. Create an excellent first impression to enjoy a fruitful career.