Bayannaoer, October 7 (Reporter Zhang Linhu) On the 7th, the reporter learned from the Linhe District Bureau of the Public Security Bureau of Bayannaoer City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, that the bureau went to Heilongjiang, Fujian and other places after 4 months and successfully cracked Two cases of extraordinarily large telecom fraud were supervised by the Public Security Department.

  On May 3 this year, Ms. Wang from Linhe reported to the police that she had added a WeChat friend. After being recommended and lured by the other party, she invested cash on a wealth management platform several times and was defrauded of 752,800 yuan.

On July 9, citizen Ms. Zhang called the police that she added a stranger as a WeChat friend and was defrauded of 514,000 yuan by recharging and betting through a certain platform.

  After receiving the police, the task force conducted preliminary investigations and comprehensive considerations on the cases, and determined that the two cases were typical investment telecommunications fraud cases.

Criminal suspects in this type of case carry out fraudulent criminal activities by seeking targets, gaining trust, instigating investment, massive investment, unable to withdraw cash, and disappearing.

  The task force sorted out the information flow and capital flow of the two extremely large telecom fraud cases "5.03" and "7.09", and identified multiple suspects involved in the case in Heilongjiang, Fujian and other places.

  On September 13, the Linhe District police sent two arrest teams to Heilongjiang and Fujian, and arrested Yuan, the suspect in the "5.03" telecom fraud case in Jiamusi, Heilongjiang.

  On the day Yuan was arrested, the "7.09" telecom fraud case also made a major breakthrough. The task force passed a large number of investigations and determined that the suspect involved in the case was Liu.

Under the strong pressure of chasing and fleeing, on September 27, the criminal suspect Liu surrendered to the Harbin public security organ.

  Currently, other persons involved in the case are under arrest.