In Akkeshi Town, Hokkaido, the specialty shishamo fishing began on the 6th.

No damage to the fishing industry, which seems to be the effect of the red tide, was confirmed.

In Akkeshi Town, shishamo fishing began on the 6th, the earliest in Eastern Hokkaido, and 11 vessels returned one after another from around 1 pm at the port for the first landing.

The amount of landing on the 6th was about 500 kg, which was only about one-third of the first day of last year when it was unfished, and the auction was 4100 yen per kilo, which was about 1000 yen higher than usual.

In addition, the large male "Daikoku Shishamo" sold by Akkeshi Town as a brand was expensive and was traded for about 10,000 yen per kilogram.

Yutaka Kawajiri, the leader of the Akkeshi Shishamo Kogi Net Group, said, "I want everyone to eat it because it's in season, but I'm worried when I see the situation on the 6th."

On the coast of Akkeshi Town, sea urchins were severely damaged due to the effect of red tide, but no damage was seen on the shishamo landed on the 6th.