China News Service, Taiyuan, October 6th (Liu Xiaohong) During the National Day holiday, many places in Shanxi suffered continuous rainfall.

Affected by rainfall, some scenic spots such as the ancient city of Pingyao in Shanxi and Mianshan Scenic Area were temporarily closed.

  In the past few days, Shanxi has issued a number of early warnings including meteorological risk warnings for mountain torrents, meteorological risk warnings for geological disasters, and rainstorms.

Shanxi Provincial Water Resources Department and Shanxi Provincial Meteorological Bureau jointly issued a meteorological risk warning of mountain torrent disasters on October 4, stating that it is expected to be from 20:00 on October 4 to 12:00 on October 6, 2021, in the central part of Luliang, Taiyuan, southern Xinzhou, and central and northern Yangquan. , Northern Linfen, northern Changzhi, and most of Jinzhong are likely to have flash floods (yellow warning).

  At the same time, Shanxi Provincial Department of Natural Resources and Shanxi Provincial Meteorological Bureau jointly issued a geological hazard meteorological risk warning on October 5, stating that affected by heavy precipitation, it is expected that in the next 24 hours, southern Xinzhou, Taiyuan, Yangquan, southern Luliang, and Jinzhong , Linfen, northern Changzhi, northern Yuncheng and other areas of geological hazard meteorological risk warning grade is Grade II orange, with high meteorological risk of geological hazards; central and eastern Xinzhou, northern Lvliang, southern Changzhi, most of Yuncheng, northern Jincheng, etc. The regional geological hazard meteorological risk warning level is three-level yellow, and there is a higher meteorological risk of geological hazards.

  According to news from the Shanxi Meteorological Bureau, rainfall occurred in all parts of the province from 20:00 on October 2 to 07:00 on the 6th.

Among them, there is 1 county (city, district) that exceeds 250 mm, namely Daning 263.1 mm; there are 57 counties (cities, districts) between 100 mm and 250 mm, namely Xiaoyi, Wenshui, Xixian, and Jiexiu , Lingshi, Yangquan mining area and other places.

  The reporter learned that due to rainfall, many scenic spots in Shanxi were temporarily closed.

On the 6th, the Pingyao Ancient City Scenic Area announced that due to the recent flood season, the Pingyao Ancient City Scenic Area has received heavy rainfall. To ensure the safety of cultural relics and tourists, the Shuanglin Temple Color Sculpture Art Museum, Pingyao Ancient City Wall, and Tongxing Public Escort will be temporarily closed. Tourists arrange sightseeing routes reasonably.

  It is understood that due to the continuous heavy rainfall, the water level in the Mianshan Scenic Area has risen and the clouds and fog are constant, so there is no tourist condition for the time being.

In order to ensure the safety of tourists and a good environment, the Mianshan Scenic Area will be temporarily closed on October 6, and the majority of tourists need to adjust their itinerary plans in time.

At the same time, Mianshan Scenic Area will further investigate potential safety hazards and will open normally on October 7.

  In addition, Shanxi Zhongtaihang Xi'er River Scenic Area, Yunqiu Mountain Scenic Area, Wujin Mountain Tourist Area and other scenic spots were temporarily closed due to rainfall.

  The National Day holiday is drawing to a close. The Shanxi Meteorological Observatory issued a message showing that due to the high-altitude trough, there will be another precipitation weather from the 8th to the 9th, and you need to pay attention to the adverse effects of fog on the return trip.