An expert meeting of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare was held to advise on measures against the new coronavirus, and it was analyzed that the number of newly infected people has decreased to the level before the spread of this infection, and the number of severely ill people and the number of people dying have continued to decrease. bottom.

On the other hand, there is a concern that the relaxation of behavioral restrictions by lifting the state of emergency will increase the chances of contact between people, which may lead to the re-spreading of infection. Called for continued infection control measures.

Many seriously ill people are undergoing medical treatment mainly in metropolitan areas

The expert meeting stated that the infection situation nationwide had "decreased to the level before the spread of this infection," and the number of medical care recipients, the number of severely ill people, and the number of people dying continued to decrease, and the medical care provision system Is also continuing to improve.

Although the number of infected people continues to decline in many areas, it is important to note that many seriously ill people are still being treated, especially in metropolitan areas.

The expert meeting said that the declaration of emergency was lifted, cooperating with infection control measures by citizens and businesses, reducing the number of people at night, improving the vaccination rate, and cluster infection in medical institutions and facilities for the elderly. Although it was evaluated that the burden on the medical system was reduced due to the rapid decrease in the number of infected people due to the decrease in the number of infected people, there is a concern that the relaxation of restrictions will increase the chances of contact and lead to the re-expansion of infection. There is also.

Expected to increase “breakthrough infection”

Although it is expected that vaccination will be further promoted in the future to suppress the spread of infection and prevent its aggravation, it is expected that the effect of the vaccine will be weakened and breakthrough infection will increase. Even those who have completed vaccination are required to continue testing if they suspect corona symptoms.

In addition, as an infection control measure, wear a non-woven mask, disinfect, avoid even one dense, and thoroughly ventilate. We encourage small groups to wear masks for a short period of time except when eating or drinking.

Furthermore, on the premise that the national and local governments will re-expand at the same scale and speed as the spread of the infection in the future, temporary medical facilities will be developed, the medical treatment system at home will be strengthened, and therapeutic drugs will be administered. We called for the expansion of the system that can be done and the active promotion of vaccination.

Chair Wakita “Increased by young people and decreased by young people”

At a press conference after the expert meeting, Chairman Takaji Wakita analyzed the factors behind the rapid decline in infections as "a decrease in the number of people in downtown areas at night and the progress of vaccination. However, there is a part that cannot explain the rate of this decrease by itself. In this spread of infection, the infection that increased among the younger generation did not shift to the elderly due to the effect of the vaccine, etc. The number of infected young people has decreased sharply even in the wave of the spread of infection so far, and the number of infected young people has tended to increase sharply and decrease sharply. It is possible that multiple factors are involved in the reduction of infection, so I would like to continue to analyze them. "

In addition, Chairman Wakita said about infections in children under the age of 12 who are not vaccinated, "So far, the number of infected children has not increased much since the end of summer vacation, and children like influenza. It is hard to imagine the possibility of becoming a "driving force", which is a factor that causes infection and spreads the spread of infection in the city. In reality, it is often transmitted from adults to children, and the adults around them First of all, we believe that taking proper infection prevention measures and promoting vaccination will help protect children. "

Number of new infections is declining in almost all regions

According to the data presented at the expert meeting of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of newly infected people in the week up to 5 days is 0.53 times that of the previous week in the week up to 5 days, and it tends to decrease for more than a month in almost all regions. Is continuing.

Of the areas where the emergency declaration was lifted by the 30th of last month, in 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures,

▼ Tokyo is 0.53 times,

▼ Kanagawa prefecture is 0.51 times,

▼ Saitama and Chiba prefectures are 0.54 times,

Kansai in

▼ 0.57-fold in Osaka Prefecture,

▼ 0.56 times in Kyoto Prefecture,

▼ 0.47-fold in Hyogo Prefecture,

▼ 0.66-fold in Shiga Prefecture,

in the Chukyo

0.44-fold in ▼ Aichi Prefecture,

▼ 0.64-fold in Gifu Prefecture,

▼ in Mie Prefecture It has been decreasing by 0.41 times, about half of the previous week.

In addition,

▼ Hokkaido is 0.45 times,

▼ Ibaraki prefecture is 0.55 times,

▼ Tochigi prefecture is 0.61 times,

▼ Gunma prefecture is 0.46 times,

▼ Shizuoka prefecture is 0.35 times,

▼ Hiroshima prefecture is 0.71 times,

▼ Fukuoka prefecture is 0.41 times,

▼ It is 0.45 times in Okinawa prefecture, and

it continues to decrease in all areas where emergency declarations have been issued.

Looking at the current infection status in terms of the number of infected people per 100,000 population in the last week, it is the first time in about six and a half months for prefectures that have exceeded the 25 people who are the most serious infection status in "Stage 4". no to,

▼ Okinawa Prefecture 20.17 people,

▼ Osaka is 16.97 people,

▼ Hyogo Prefecture 10.21 people,

▼ Tokyo is 9.14 people,

and were lower than the 6.91 people and 10 people in the whole country.