• Stories Emilio, the first witness to the eruption of the volcano on La Palma: "I was very scared, I thought I was eating the lava"

Have passed 16 days since made





La Palma,

whose end, experts say

, does not seem near and to cope with the disaster that is causing the Council of Ministers approved a

new aid package

of 214 million of euros that is added to the 10.5 million of last week.


seismicity is increasing

in terms of number of episodes and magnitude, earthquakes remain at average depths of ten or more kilometers, which does not suggest new eruptive centers.


Experts warn of possible collapses in some points due to the great thicknesses of existing lava

The Scientific Committee has warned that due to the great thicknesses of lava flow observed in some points after the


of the



La Palma

, collapses of its front can occur which, in steeper areas, can lead to the formation of large fragments casters, which can detach from the

caster face

and suddenly reach distances of several meters from the



, depending on the topography.

Also in steep areas, small pyroclastic flows can occur.


The magma follows the path marked by the first wash to empty into the sea, where the delta advances already 540 meters from the coast

Data of seismicity, geochemistry and deformation indicate that the end of the is not close


of the



Cumbre Vieja


La Palma

, which is under "mature" so you have to be

prepared "to take several days" have those responsible for the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan (Pevolca) affirmed this Tuesday.

The meteorological forecast indicates that this afternoon the trade winds will turn the ash column and gases of the plume towards the northeast slope of the island, which could affect the operation of the

La Palma



The Pevolca experts, with Miguel Ángel Morcuende as technical director, believe that the most probable in the short term is that the lava, quite fluid, will continue to evacuate towards the sea above the path already marked by the original wash, although it is maintains permanent vigilance against the possibility of its expansion or new advances, which for now have not been detected.

There are also no new emission centers, although there is a fissure with emission of gases and high temperature in the ground that at the moment is not of great importance, since it is also in the environment of the active cone.

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