China News Service, Xi’an, October 6th (Reporter Alina) The reporter learned from the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Water Resources on the 6th that from 8 am on the 5th to 8 am on the 6th, there will be moderate to heavy rain in northern Shaanxi, central and western Guanzhong, and western southern Shaanxi. , Including local heavy rains in southern Yan'an, southeastern Baoji, and Hanzhong.

Affected by the rainfall, a total of 26 rivers and 35 stations in the province had flood peaks 53 times, of which 14 rivers and 17 stations had over-alert peaks 25 times. The Weihe and Yellow Rivers respectively formed No. 3 floods at 8 o'clock and 23:00 on the 5th.

  In the face of torrential rains and floods, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Water Resources required that the Weihe River and other river reservoirs should be well protected against rainstorms and floods. In conjunction with the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, they issued the 39th early warning of mountain flood disasters, conducted spot checks on heavy rainfall areas in Yan'an and Yulin, and supervised the river reservoirs, Flood monitoring, forecasting, early warning dispatching for warping dams, etc. and mountain torrent disaster prevention work.

The staff of Lintong Hydrological Station waded in the rain to measure the flow of part of the floodplain.

Photo courtesy of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Water Resources

  The Xi'an Water Affairs Bureau launched the Level IV emergency response of Xi'an Water Disaster Prevention at 19:00 on the 5th, requiring the water affairs departments of all districts and counties to enrich their duty forces and strengthen emergency duty, monitoring and early warning during the National Day.

According to the upstream water conditions, the Xi'an Water Affairs Bureau continued to dispatch the Heihe Reservoir and Shibianyu Reservoir to discharge floods, supervise and inspect the Weihe dike inspection and defense work, and require counties, development zones and related units along the Weihe District to do well in the evacuation of river clearings and dike inspections.

From October 3 to 5, the West Safety City Water Affairs System sent a total of 3,534 people to inspect rivers and reservoirs, and at the same time continue to send people to squat to monitor reservoirs that were in danger in the early stage.

  The water conservancy system of Xianyang city continues to maintain a high degree of vigilance and actively defend against floods.

The four working groups sent by the Water Resources Bureau of Xianyang City along the Weihe River continued to inspect and supervise on the front line, focusing on dangerous sections and key locations.

More than 800 people have been organized by the administrative offices of the cities and counties along the Weihe River and Xianyang Lake.

The cities and counties in the central and northern regions have also assigned more than 1,340 people to investigate the key areas of small and medium-sized rivers, water banks, hydropower stations, silt dams and other water projects and mountain flood disaster prevention areas, and refine defense measures.

  At 9 o'clock on October 6, 12 rivers in Shaanxi Province were still above the warning water level.

The Shaanxi Provincial Water Resources Department reminds relevant counties and cities to pay close attention to water regimes and rain conditions and early warning information, and do a good job in storm and flood prevention.