Syukuro Manabe (90), who was selected to receive the Nobel Prize in Physics, said at a press conference at Princeton University in the United States, "I am surprised and honored to receive the award."

Princeton University Senior Researcher Syukuro Manabe, who was selected as the recipient of this year's Nobel Prize in Physics, held a press conference at a university in New Jersey, USA on the 5th.

Among them, Mr. Manabe said, "I was surprised at the award, but I am very honored. Looking at the past award winners, only very good scientists are selected, so at first my research was these studies. However, when I think about it, I thought that I could have contributed to a deeper understanding of the great crisis of humankind, which is climate change, and I thought it would be okay to win the award. "I said joy.

When asked about the relationship between climate change and politics, Mr. Manabe joked, "It's a more difficult question than researching climate change itself." "Climate change is closely related to many fields such as agriculture and energy issues, and is easy. I think we have to think about adapting to the environment while minimizing the impact that is actually happening. "

Regarding the current state of research in Japan, he said, "It seems that it is difficult to do research based on curiosity in Japan. I think that it is also a problem that communication between politicians and scientists is not good." We encouraged scientists and politicians to think together to improve the educational environment.

Mr. Manabe's colleague researchers were also present at the press conference, and he praised his achievements, saying, "I am a pioneer in climate change research."

WMO Secretary-General "Shows that climate science is highly valued"

In response to Mr. Manabe's award, WMO = World Meteorological Organization's Executive Secretary Tarras held a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland on the 5th, saying, "This award should be highly evaluated because climate science is highly evaluated. It shows again that it is. "

He called on each country, including China, the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases, to take concrete steps to reduce emissions.