[Narrator] My name is Jiang Feifan, I am 17 years old, and I am a student at Peiqiao Middle School in Hong Kong.

My hobby is quite special. I like marching. I think marching has a sense of discipline and will.

  【on site】

  Fei Fan, let's go!

  Okay, wait for me first.

  Wait to teach the younger brothers and sisters to practice Chinese marching.

  [Narrator] Senior Xuexuan is one level higher than me. He is a member of our school's flag-raising team. He is the most active person in training every time.

The flag-raising team members must continue to improve and strive for perfection. We will continue to participate in training as long as we have time.

  [On-site] All are available, report the number.

one two three four.

  Wait and see if there are any videos on the Internet, which can teach us to learn by ourselves, but we can't come out without looking like.

I agree to let them get to know each other.

  [Narrator] In 2018, we participated in the Hong Kong Youth Military Summer Camp. I spent an unforgettable 15 days at the Xinwei Military Camp of the Hong Kong Garrison.

Since then, I have become obsessed with Chinese marching, which is also called queue.

  [Concurrent] Jiang Feifan, student of Hong Kong Peiqiao Middle School

  Neat, large-scale and generous team, coupled with neatness and uniformity, it is very handsome, and the landing is sound, and is on the right track.

  [Concurrent] Huang Xuexuan, student of Hong Kong Peiqiao Middle School

  At that time, wearing military uniforms, camouflage uniforms and belts, then wearing a hat, and then carrying a bag on the back of the water bottle, do you know that feeling?

The feeling of being very nervous and then very passionate is that I really (feel) a member of the People's Liberation Army.

  [Narrator] The arm swing is strong and the posture is upright. After training in the queue, the spirit and spirit of the whole person are different, and there are many habits that I have cultivated in the army. I have persisted until now.

  [Concurrent] Jiang Feifan, student of Hong Kong Peiqiao Middle School

  I still cover the towel quilt from the barracks, and sometimes I fold the tofu cubes. It feels like a kind of imprint left by the army on me. I especially like it.

  [Narrator] After returning from the summer camp, the school just formed a flag-raising team. Senior Xuexuan and I were very happy, and soon became the backbone of the flag-raising team. For us, this team has a different meaning.

  [Concurrent] Jiang Feifan, a graduate of Hong Kong Peiqiao Middle School

  The first class is training. It is not about practicing the raising of the national flag directly. It starts from the establishment of the country, and then slowly cuts into it from a historical perspective. Let us understand the meaning of the national flag to us. We should respect it before proceeding. A training for raising the national flag.

  [Concurrent] Huang Xuexuan, a graduate of Hong Kong Peiqiao Middle School

  I think when I think about my previous history, I feel more deeply that I am a Chinese and I need to be responsible for the future development of China. After all, we have come through suffering.

  [Live sound] Look straight to the right, look forward, and rest for a while.

  [Narrator] In most schools in Hong Kong, British marching has been used to raise the flag, and since we learned the queuing movement, we have never wanted to use Chinese marching to raise the five-star red flag, even if it’s just in step.

  [Concurrent] Jiang Feifan, a graduate of Hong Kong Peiqiao Middle School

  Several of us in the higher grades still have a little voice in the flag raising team, and sometimes we take some lower grades to practice.

  [Concurrent] Huang Xuexuan, a graduate of Hong Kong Peiqiao Middle School

  We would love to give it a try, if we can, absolutely.

  [Subtitle] After the flag-raising team's efforts, the school decided to use Chinese-style queuing for the first time when the flag-raising in the school on Monday.

  [Flag Raising Scene]

  [Narrator] Watching the five-star red flag flying in the wind, I am extremely proud of myself, because the motherland is getting stronger and stronger, so how lucky we are to live in such an era.

There are more than 1,000 primary and secondary schools and millions of young people in Hong Kong. If we all work hard for the rise of China like our ancestors, our Hong Kong will be better and the motherland will be stronger and more prosperous.

  [Subtitle] Since the reunification, the Hong Kong Garrison has continued to organize the Hong Kong Youth Military Summer Camp and the Hong Kong University Student Military Life Experience Camp, which has trained more than 5,000 Hong Kong youth students.

  Li Yue Fan Siyi, Detailed Reporter of the Hong Kong Forces Garrison reports from Hong Kong

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]