Greta Thunberg, already at the heart of the

 recently released theatrical


I Am Greta

, is on the front page of the new




On the cover of the first issue of


, the young activist poses with her face smeared with oil.

This is obviously a staging.

The 18-year-old Swede actually has her face partially covered in black paint and oil, reports 



“Greta Thunberg made the ultimate sacrifice for the


” reads the beginning of the article on the environmental activist.

“It allowed us to turn it into a human oil spill.


"She hijacked us"

In a long interview accompanied by a series of photos, Greta Thunberg reveals herself in a more intimate way than before.

She looks back on her high-profile fight, which began when she decided, at age 15, to demonstrate against inaction on climate change in front of the Swedish Parliament.

But the fight first started at home.

"The way she interested us was a bit by force," her father told




“She hijacked us.

She started to turn off the lights.

She cut the electricity bill in half.

The activist, who gave a poignant speech at the UN in September 2019, sheds light on her relationship to notoriety.

She also reveals herself in the relationships she can have with people.

A passage is devoted to his autism, specifies the



“Many people with autism have a particular interest that they can practice […] without tiring”, explains the young activist.

“It's a very useful thing sometimes.



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