Astrid Holleeder took his place again on Tuesday after 2.5 years as a witness in the case against her brother Willem.

A case that is still emotionally heavy for her, she told the Amsterdam Court of Appeal.

The appeal against Willem Holleeder has reached the stage in which his sisters Astrid and Sonja and his ex-girlfriend Sandra den Hartog are being heard again.

Based on their previous statements, the court sentenced Willem Holleeder to life imprisonment.

Holleeder is held responsible for a series of murders committed in the period from 2003 to 2006. The 63-year-old criminal is seen as the client.

When asked by the court whether Astrid wanted to go back on one of her earlier statements, the woman responded with a laugh: "Weird question, but no."

When the court then asked her what she based her statements on, she referred to life with her brother and Cor van Hout, who was murdered in 2003, who was also the husband of her sister Sonja.

The Holleeder family felt like a team for Astrid

Astrid described how in her view the Holleeder family formed a team, with a feeling of "us against the evil outside world."

According to Astrid, this picture changed in 1996 after the first attack on Van Hout and the alleged involvement of her brother.

A brother she still says she loves despite everything.

"It's like a normal family has a fight, but with us it goes a step further: it's a matter of life and death."

Astrid Holleeder stated earlier that the murders that are the focus of this process were for her reason to go to the police.

She still sees witnessing as a diabolical dilemma.

Willem Holleeder is not on trial for that failed attack, but as the client for the murder of Van Hout in 2003. In addition, the 63-year-old criminal is held responsible for another five fatalities.

Cases that he has all been found guilty of by the court, leading to a life sentence in July 2019.

Astrid says she has closed herself after judgment

Astrid told how she had closed herself off from everything that had to do with those cases after the verdict.

She no longer has a television and said she no longer follows the news.

"I don't want to face it," she clarified.

"I'll give you answers and I don't really care what you do with them."

On appeal, it is not the intention that a court completely repeats an interrogation as conducted by the court.

The court's questions focus on parts that are still unclear to the judges.

For example, on Tuesday there was talk about the murder of Van Hout and the relationship between Astrid and her brother.

On Wednesday, Astrid's interrogation continues and Willem Holleeder's lawyer, Sander Janssen, is allowed to ask questions, just like Willem himself.

On Monday and Tuesday, sister Sonja will testify.