Capital cities: too powerful, too arrogant?

Audio 48:30

Paris and its inhabitants: contemptuous, without embarrassment, rich?


By: Emmanuelle Bastide

49 mins

Paris and its inhabitants are often associated with pejorative adjectives: contemptuous, without genes, rich ... The hyper-concentration of economic, political, cultural, infrastructure, or even investment powers accentuate the resentment of the rest of the population. with regard to Parisians.


But since the pandemic, Paris could well find itself abandoned, in favor of medium-sized cities, more livable, less expensive.

Is Paris a unique case?

Why seek to strengthen the attractiveness of metropolises more and more?  

This show is a rerun of April 20, 2021

With :

Olivier Razemon

, journalist specializing in mobility and town planning issues, author of 

Les Parisiens, une obsession française - anatomie d'un déséquilibre

 (Éditions Rue de l'Eglise).

A focus with

Pascal Thibaut

, our correspondent in Germany on the city of Berlin.

A focus with

François Hume-Ferkatadji

, correspondent in Ivory Coast on the city of Abidjan.

Musical programming:

► Oxmo Puccino - 

Pam pa nam 

► Gael Faye - 

Paris Métèque.


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