Chinanews client, September 28th, the State Council Information Office published the white paper "China's Comprehensive Well-off Society" on the 28th.

The white paper points out that from a country with illiteracy and semi-illiteracy to a country with education and a country with a strong education, from a country with a large population to a country with human resources, and a country with human resources, China has established a contemporary society that includes preschool education, elementary education, secondary education, and higher education. The world's largest education system, and the overall level of education modernization has entered the ranks of upper-middle countries in the world.

The pre-school education penetration rate and universal benefit rate exceeded 84%, the nine-year compulsory education consolidation rate reached 95%, high school education was fully popularized, and the regional, urban-rural, and inter-school education gap was gradually narrowed, from "getting to school" to "going to good school" "From "learning and teaching" to "learning and teaching", China's basic education has developed by leaps and bounds, so that every child can enjoy a fair and quality education is becoming a reality.