On September 25, the premiere of "Big Ear Tutu: Tyrannosaurus Rex in Action" was held in Beijing. The film will be screened nationwide on October 1st, National Day.

Big Ear Tutu is a domestic animation IP that has accompanied the growth of a generation of young people. This time, "Big Ear Tutu: Tyrannosaurus Rex in Action" is a high-quality parent-child animation film that adults and children love to watch.

The pictures of the premiere scene, the children interacted outside the hall, and the pictures were very popular.

(Photo courtesy of Cat's Eye)

  "Big Ear Tutu's Tyrannosaurus Rex in Action" tells the playful and cute "Tyrannosaurus squad" children, from the beginning they kept making pranks that caused headaches for adults, and turned them into loving pranks that made others happy. "the process of.

Especially under the influence of the disgusting and kind-faced Grandpa Niu, the children also came to the home of the elderly and held a well-planned performance. While bringing joy to the elderly, they also received unexpected surprises.

  The film has positive values ​​and is entertaining and entertaining. In the lively and cheerful plot, it covers a variety of valuable and excellent qualities such as being helpful and caring for the elderly; loving nature and attaching importance to environmental protection; bravely trying and daring to admit mistakes. I believe the children are happy. At the same time, it will also resonate with the growth of the protagonist Tutu.

  What’s even more rare is that this film is also very suitable for parents to watch. In the film, Tutu’s mother tried to make her children sensible by "intimidating" and portrayed her neighbor Niu into a terrifying image. However, the effect was counterproductive. After Tutu’s mother knew her mistakes and corrected her, the children not only became more sensible, but also used creative ways to drive the adults in the community to do good deeds together.

The setting of this plot can also be regarded as an exploration of the concept of contemporary family education.

  In fact, not only this work, but Big Ear Tutu since meeting the audience in the form of cartoons in 2004, has always hidden deep truths behind the easy and humorous stories. The short stories and the big truths are simple and simple. Not only children love to watch, but adults. It can also be inspired by it.

  In recent years, high-quality domestic animation has been more and more recognized by the audience. The reason is that these works are not limited to please children, but are using animation seriously to convey the animation people’s growth and society. Thinking, so it can achieve both ideological and entertaining, commercial value and social benefits.