The vaccine against the Covid in one arm and that against the flu in the other: this solution does not involve any danger and makes it possible to protect oneself effectively against the two epidemics, estimated this Monday the High Authority of Health (HAS).

"The concomitant realization of vaccines" against influenza and Covid-19 is "possible in order to avoid any delay in the administration of one or the other of these injections", assures the HAS in a press release.

“Concretely, the two injections can be performed on the same day”, but in two different places of the body, “a vaccine in each arm”, according to the HAS.

And otherwise, there is no time limit between the two vaccinations, specifies the HAS.

Good news for Olivier Véran

The flu vaccination campaign will begin on October 26.

“However, most of the priority target audiences (…) are also affected by the administration of a booster dose” against Covid-19, recalls the High Authority for Health.

This recommendation of the HAS "is good news", commented Monday the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, on the sidelines of the installation in Lyon of the global training center of the WHO.

“We still have to validate it,” he added, indicating that he would clarify things “in the next few days”.

18 million French people affected

"I ordered a lot more influenza vaccines than last year", assured Olivier Véran, indicating that "10 million doses" would be available "in the fridges of pharmacies when the vaccination campaign begins, to the end of the third week of October ”.

The so-called third dose anti-Covid-19 vaccination booster campaign was launched in early September in France among the oldest and most vulnerable people, in order to compensate for the decline in vaccine effectiveness after several month.

In total, 18 million French people will be affected by this recall campaign, due to the fact that the vaccines injected a few months ago are showing signs of weakening, especially in the face of the Delta variant, which is more contagious.

To date, some 888,245 people have received a third dose of the vaccine (including immunocompromised patients and others considered to be at very high risk of developing a severe form of Covid-19).


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