China News Service, Harbin, September 27 (Reporter Liu Xiju) On the evening of the 27th, the reporter learned from the Harbin CDC that the Qunli District of the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University reported that the new crown was added from 0-24 on September 26 11 confirmed cases of pneumonia are currently being treated in isolation at the designated hospital.

According to the results of the circulation, the main activity tracks involved in the venues are now released as follows:

  From September 8th to 22nd, Xinglong Forestry Bureau of Bayan County enriched the people's homeland.

  September 8th-10th, 13th-18th, 20th, Yuanshen Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd. Bayan Branch Xinglong Camp and Maintenance Center.

  On September 10th, 18th, 20th-21st, the morning market of Commercial Street, Xinglong Town, Bayan County.

  On September 10, a stall in the Commercial City of Xinglong Town, Bayan County.

  September 11, Bairan Smoked Sauce Bistro, Xuanxuan Fruit and Vegetable Shop, Luyuan Fresh Fruit, Yixintong Auto Repair Department, Fuguilou Jewelry, Taiwanese Chicken Fillet (Zhongxing Market), Honey Snow Ice City (Zhongxing Shopping Plaza).

  From September 11th to 12th, bus No. 1 in Xinglong Town, Bayan County, Cultural Square of Xinglong Forestry Bureau, Yu'an Square of Xinglong Town.

  From September 11th to 12th and 17th, Zhongshi Huahai Pharmacy, Xinglong Town, Bayan County.

  On September 11th and 17th, Bayan County Delilai Building Materials Decoration, Dacheng Fresh Meat Shop.

  September 11, 19-21, Xinglin Pharmacy in Bayan County.

  September 11-20, Bayan County Xinglong Forestry Bureau Power Supply Station, the Fifth Committee Small Market, PetroChina Gas Station (timber market, near the railway station).

  From September 11th to 12th, 14th, 16th to 17th, 20th to 21st, Quanying Fresh Food in Xinglong Town, Bayan County.

  On September 12, Ximen skewers of Wanda Xiuyuan, Songbei District, Nanmen Cainiao Station, Wu Xiuying Grocery Store in Bayan County, Dongyuan Fuda Supermarket, Acheng District Central Market, cartoon culture and education.

  September 12th-13th, 15th-20th, Bayan County Aite Laundry Hall.

  September 13th, 15th, 21st-23th, Bayan County Jiahe Supermarket (Building 8 of Anminjiayuan).

  On September 13, Chengxin Grain and Oil Store, Dongmei Fruit Supermarket, Shanyaoshan Goods Store, and Yuehe Business Hotel in Xinglong Town, Bayan County.

  September 13-15, 18-20, Xinglong Driving School in Bayan County.

  September 13-18, 20, Xinglong Credit Cooperative Bank and cafeteria in Bayan County.

  September 13-18, 21, Wanda Xiuyuan underground parking lot in Songbei District.

  On September 14th, Gourmet Meal on the first floor of Impression City, Jiefang Street, Acheng District, Youleke Grocery Store.

  On September 14th and 17th, the Jinling warehouse of Jinhe Mingyuan, Acheng District was bought.

  On September 14th and 19th, the tin foil flower jelly powder shop in Xinglong Town, Bayan County (Building No. 8 of Anminjiayuan).

  On September 15, the celebrity makeup boutique and Tianbao Stationery Store in Xinglong Town, Bayan County.

  September 15, 20-21, Wandefu Supermarket, Xinglong Town, Bayan County.

  September 16, Zhongxing Shopping Plaza, Xinglong Town, Bayan County, Tongcheng Cotton Products Factory, Tongcheng Street, Guoliangcang, Acheng District.

  On September 17, Xinyu Fruit Grocery Store, Zhongxing Community, Xinglong Town, Bayan County, remembered the bakery.

  From September 17th to 18th, Shijie Noodles (Jinhe Mingyuan Store), Acheng District.

  From September 17th to 23rd, the waterfront of the Xiangjiang River in Mulan County.

  On September 18, Xingda Grocery Store, Xinglong Town, Bayan County, ideal car electrical appliances.

  September 19, Kaoshantun, Dongshan Village, Baikui Town, Hulan District, Xinglong Township, Bayan County, Reputable Grocery Store, Xinghua Bookstore, Jasmine Fragrant Duck Neck King, Xiaotao Fresh Supermarket, Zhangjia Seasoning Store, Kexinxian Vegetables, Fruits and Grocery Supermarket, Seafood Restaurant (Building No. 8 of the 13th Committee of Forestry Bureau), Huangjialiang Store, Xinglong Passenger Transport Station, shuttle bus from Xinglong Town, Bayan County to Baikui Town, Hulan District (8:40, 14:00) ), Nanlizetun, Majiatun, Pailoudiantun, Dayongli Village, Mulan County.

  September 19-20, Renmin Street Dance School, Xinglong Town, Bayan County.

  September 19-21, Sanshengtun, Xingshan Village, Liuhe Town, Mulan County.

  On September 20th, Bayan County North Gate Driving School and Supermarket, Canteen, Xinglong Bus Terminal, South Girl Supermarket in Xinglong Town, Ouli Compound Drinking Bar, Ruiqiao Yiyuan Community in Bayan County, Fulong Bathing, Chenguang Culture and Education (Xinglong Guotai ).

  September 20-21, Daming Hotpot Supermarket in Bayan County.

  On September 21, Bayan County Xinglong Forestry Bureau Jinlilai Cake Shop (opposite Xinglin Cinema Site), Linxing Pharmacy, Amy Bakery, Guanglong Principal Community Supermarket, and Chengnan Gas Station in Beilin District, Suihua City.

  From September 21st to 22nd, Xinxin fresh produce in Bayan County.