New formula, new jury and new box.

The Artist,

the telecrochet produced and hosted by Nagui will change the day and time of broadcast this week, Nagui announced in The Original Soundtrack, the France Inter program he presents.

The Artist

will no longer face

The Voice All Stars

on TF1 on Saturday.

The program is relegated to Friday in the second part of the evening.

"So that the show continues"

“There was not a substantial mass of audiences watching TV.

It still revolves around a million viewers so we decided with France 2 and the whole team to go to Friday evening in the second part of the evening (...) so that the show continues, goes to the end of its story ", Nagui detailed.

Three issues must be released before the final expected on October 15.

The show did not find its audience on the Saturday box in prime time: audiences went from 1.3 million viewers (8%) for the launch on Saturday September 11 to 990,000 (5.6%) per week next then 847,000 (4.8%) this Saturday, positioning France 2 in fifth position behind M6 and France 5.


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