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Who is Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid?

Sami Al Riyami


September 27, 2021

He does not like praise and exaggeration, and he does not like exaggeration in everything, and in anything, he loves but loves organized work, and loves achieving achievements in silence and calm, I realize that well, so today I am not about to praise and praise, it is the last thing he can turn to His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may God protect him, but I only wanted to offer five “golden” advice, to every executive official in the federal authorities, who will deal with His Highness in the next stage, as he is Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, and I think that this The advice will benefit them, as they are facing an exceptional personality, in all the meanings of the word.

The first advice: Make sure you adhere to the time, as it is committed to an unimaginable degree to its dates, and to the timing allocated for each meeting, and you can set your hours for the date of its arrival, as it is never late for any appointment, and you can request the appropriate time for you for each meeting, but you must Full commitment to the timing of its beginning and end, as he is an organized person, and hates randomness, and he fully believes that the beginning of every civilization and development is respect for time, and peoples will not progress if they do not feel the importance of punctuality, and do not feel the importance of discipline, and respect for time.

Second advice: He does not like exaggeration and exaggeration, nor introductions and compliments. He has priority on the subject, directly, and he is a very good listener, and he does not interrupt anyone who talks to him about a project, idea or decision, but trust completely that he does not accept illogical matters, and his silence and calmness do not They mean his satisfaction, as much as they mean his concentration in every little and big thing you utter.

The third advice: If you are going to present a project for it, do not tire yourself with the presentation means, as he is not a fan of the fascination with the presentation method, but rather be sure to present all the information clearly, and this is sufficient for him, and most importantly do not get involved in providing inaccurate numbers and statistics, or It is illogical, or unreliable, its name is very accurate, and no number goes unnoticed, and it is known for its super accurate, if you are going to propose to him a project, prepare well, and do not leave anything to chance, if you are not mastered of your information, and if you are not Be aware of all the details of the project, I do not advise you to go, because his questions will inevitably be unexpected, and he will go to places you did not expect, and perhaps you thought that they were not important!

Fourth advice: His Highness does not like gossip, and hates slanderers, and he does not like someone who conveys words to him without evidence, evidence or facts, and make sure before you go to convey a talk to him, or complain about someone, that he will not take any action before he hears the other party And he may surprise you with the other party standing in front of you!

Fifth advice: Maktoum bin Muhammad is a human being who respects the laws to a very high degree, and he is the first to abide by them. And he is very keen to abide by and respect everyone who works with him with the laws of the state.

Thus, he is simply, a distinguished, exceptional personality, very organized, knows how to divide his time, for himself, his family and his work, without one thing dominating the other, his day begins early, rather it is dawn, and the hour is hardly more than half past seven until he is present in his office or in his workplace. He drinks leadership since his childhood, and he has an innate “charisma.” He is strict and has sharp looks, but he is at the top of calm, humility, respect and kindness of heart. “Thank you, sir,” to everyone who offers him a service, even if that service is a glass of water!

Did you know who is Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance?!



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