After a first report from the General Inspectorate of Administration (IGA), it is the turn of the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) to confirm the multiple failures of the police and judicial chain, five months after the feminicide by Chahinez Boutaa in Mérignac near Bordeaux.

On May 4, this 31-year-old mother was shot and burned to death by her husband, from whom she had separated a few months earlier.

According to France Inter, the police officers involved in this affair will soon be sanctioned by their hierarchy during a disciplinary council convened by the director general of the National Police.

It could range from a reprimand to much higher penalties.

We do not know for the moment whether sanctions will also be pronounced against the Bordeaux deputy prosecutor and the director of the SPIP (prison service for integration and probation), also implicated in this new report.

A botched complaint, poor coordination with the SPIP

The latter points to "a succession of professional faults and errors of appreciation which put end to end have contributed to not preventing the husband from committing the irreparable", specifies France Inter.

For example, Chahinez Boutaa's complaint dated March 15, after being kidnapped and beaten for nearly two hours by her husband, was reportedly botched by the police officer.

As a result, his case would not have been a priority for justice despite very serious facts.

Feminicide de Mérignac: The police officer who took the complaint threatened with a year of exclusion closes via @ 20minutesBord

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Another failure, nothing happens during Mounir Boutaa's two meetings with the prison integration and probation service, responsible for his follow-up after a first conviction for domestic violence on his wife while his two meetings are stand after the new complaint of March 15.

All this because of poor coordination between the police and the SPIP.


Feminicide de Mérignac: The police officer who took the complaint threatened with a year of firm exclusion


Woman burned alive in Mérignac: The police officer who took the complaint had been convicted of domestic violence

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