China News Service, Shenzhen, September 27 (Zhu Zuying) Spreading wings and cutting tail swallow tote bag, Tao Ying neck pillow, "He Xiaoyong" turtle, "Soda" panda... At the 17th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair ("Cultural Fair"), cultural and creative works from Hong Kong and Macau have been exhibited on the spot for days after the exhibition. The participating companies from Hong Kong and Macau and Young people are looking for new opportunities here.

  "Co-building the Humanities Bay Area" and "jointly promoting cultural prosperity and development" have become the new vitality of the Greater Bay Area's cultural exchanges and cooperation; at this year's ICIF, how to coordinate the development of the Greater Bay Area's cultural industry and how to inherit excellent traditional culture And innovation, etc., have become the driving force for Hong Kong and Macao cultural and creative enterprises to seize the market in the Greater Bay Area.

  At the ICIF, a tortoise "He Xiaoyong" from Macau was loved by visitors.

This tortoise named "He Xiaoyong" was inspired by the animation "Turtle Bus".

Macau designer Cen Jianheng created this animated short film "Turtle Bus" during his university career in 2011.

  Cen Jianheng imprinted the local cuisines and landmarks of Macau on cultural and creative products such as tortoise shell backpacks to showcase Macau's characteristics and trendy culture.

Cen Jianheng said in an interview that this year was his first participation in the Shenzhen Cultural Expo. The large-scale and professional level of the exhibition allowed Cen Jianheng to feel the huge market development opportunities in the Greater Bay Area.

  Cen Jianheng believes that the combination of "9+2" cities in the Greater Bay Area has brought together abundant resources to promote the development of cultural and creative industries and can give play to the industrial functions and unique development characteristics of different cities in the Greater Bay Area.

"I am from Macau, but the production process and landing of different products involve different cities in the Greater Bay Area. For example, this doll is produced in Huizhou; the mask factory is located in Macau; and the clothing is produced by the factory in Zhongshan..."

  Cen Jianheng said: "I drew this little tortoise for just ten years. In the past two years, I have made it into a derivative product to participate in some cultural and creative fairs and cultural fairs. It has gradually been discovered and recognized in the Greater Bay Area and has gained more opportunities for exchanges and cooperation. At the ICIF, he sold a lot of "He Xiaoyong" products, and he has a preliminary willingness to cooperate with companies that make artist toys.

  When he is free, Cen Jianheng will also visit the exhibition hall, communicate with cultural and creative IP companies and youth from Shenzhen, Meizhou and other places, and discuss the design and production of art trend toys.

  The Hong Kong Creative Museum hosted by ACE Creative Education Association (Hong Kong) focuses on the innovative ideas of Hong Kong designers and their works, and how to use diversified innovative thinking to meet market needs.

The products designed by the association for the National Museum are innovative ideas designed by Hong Kong and Macau, combined with Chinese history, culture and art, to deepen their understanding and love of Chinese culture in a way that is closer to young people.

  Huang Jing, vice chairman of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Youth Association, is the curator of the Hong Kong Creative Pavilion at this year's ICIF and one of the designers participating in the exhibition.

Huang Jing said that the cultural and creative products displayed in cooperation with the National Museum this time are to inherit and innovate excellent traditional culture, hoping to allow more young people to understand Chinese culture and history.

At the same time, it will attract more outstanding designers from Hong Kong to participate in the development of the Greater Bay Area and the Mainland's cultural and creative industries, and embrace a broader market.

  Huang Jing, who has lived in the Mainland for more than 20 years and participated in the 7th ICIF, believes that in addition to huge room for development in the Greater Bay Area, there are also many different platforms for cultural and creative enterprises and youth to have More diverse development.

  Huang Jing said: "In addition to focusing on industrial design, I am also involved in all aspects of design, exhibition planning, etc. In the face of opportunities in the Bay Area, designers can choose multiple directions on the cultural and creative track. Hong Kong's cultural and creative design and the mainland Cultural and creative design is also constantly absorbing and learning from each other and getting more comprehensive development." (End)