Liu Ruiling used to be a girl specializing in traditional Chinese medicine. The memory of Mingsha Mountain after coming to Dunhuang as a child was rooted in her mind. When she grew up, she was attracted to the art of sand painting by accident.

She believes that the soul of sand painting art lies in Dunhuang and Mingsha Mountain, so she resigned from her stable job and embarked on the road of learning sand painting art.

  Because the sand in Dunhuang Mingsha Mountain is called five-color sand, it is called five-color sand. Liu Ruiling uses five-color sand as the material to innovate sand culture, traditional Chinese culture, and Dunhuang culture, using sand as ink and fingers as pens. Out of a vivid portrait painting.

  Today, her colorful photo sand paintings have been praised by many guests at home and abroad at the 5th Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo.

(Reporter Li Yalong)

Editor in charge: [Zhang Kaixin]