Resilience of China's top 500 companies (Sharp Finance)

  On September 25, the "2021 China Top 500 Enterprises Summit" plenary meeting was held in Changchun.

At the meeting, the China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneurs Association jointly released the latest issue of the top 500 Chinese enterprises list.

The latest data shows that the scale of the top 500 Chinese companies in 2021 is still growing against the trend, with total operating income of 89.83 trillion yuan, an increase of 4.43% over the previous year; total assets of 343.58 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.00 over the assets of the top 500 in the previous year %.

At the same time, the entry threshold for the top 500 Chinese companies in 2021 has been raised to 39.236 billion yuan, and the entry threshold has been raised for 19 consecutive years.

  Analysts generally believe that despite the impact of factors such as the new crown pneumonia epidemic and global economic weakness, Chinese companies represented by the "Top 500" have maintained a steady and progressing trend and continued to make positive progress in high-quality development.

These are the true portrayal of the resilience of China's economy.

  "Hundred Billion Club" enterprises increased to 222

  According to the 2021 China Top 500 List, the number of companies with annual operating income of more than 100 billion yuan has increased to 222.

Among them, 8 companies including State Grid, China National Petroleum Corporation, and China State Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. have revenues exceeding one trillion yuan.

  In terms of efficiency, despite the decline in profit growth, it still maintained an overall positive development trend.

In 2021, the top 500 Chinese companies will achieve a total profit of 602.343 billion yuan, an increase of 7.75% over the previous year's top 500; net profit will be 407.1258 billion yuan, an increase of 4.59% over the previous year's top 500.

During the same period, the net profit of the Fortune 500 in the United States and the Fortune 500 in the world fell sharply by 29.80% and 20.02%, respectively.

  In terms of structure, the industrial layout is more optimized.

Among the top 500 Chinese companies in 2021, the number of shortlisted companies in the high-tech industry and modern service industry will continue to increase, the communication equipment manufacturing industry will increase by 4, the wind energy and solar equipment manufacturing industry will increase by 3, and the logistics and supply chain industry will increase by 5.

  "2021 China's top 500 companies and other rankings reflect the progress made by my country's large enterprises in the development of 2020 from multiple perspectives. my country's large enterprises face risks and challenges and actively respond to their development. The development trend is significantly better than that of the world's top 500. Innovative The development results are remarkable, the structural adjustment continues to deepen, the global industry position is more prominent, and a satisfactory answer has been handed in." said Wang Zhongyu, chairman of the China Enterprise Confederation.

  R&D intensity hit a record high

  The report issued by the China Enterprise Confederation and the Research Group of the China Entrepreneurs Association showed that the R&D intensity (ratio of R&D investment to operating income) of the top 500 Chinese companies in 2021 hit a record high, and R&D investment accounted for 53.49% of the total R&D investment in the society that year.

Fortune 500 companies have become a key force in China's R&D investment.

  Li Zixue, chairman of ZTE Corporation, said that innovation is the driving force for building competitiveness and a weapon for the continuous development of enterprises.

ZTE Corporation has always focused on the underlying technologies in the communication field such as algorithms, basic software, and architecture. It has continued to invest, adhere to independent innovation, and is committed to providing users with a better network performance experience.

  "We expect that China's carbon fiber demand market will grow at an annual rate of more than 17% in the future, and the market demand for carbon fiber composite materials will soon exceed 100,000 tons." Guo Ruiguang, director of Sany Heavy Energy Co., Ltd., said that the company currently has wind power. The four major production and research bases are committed to the construction of high-end intelligent manufacturing equipment for wind power and the manufacturing transformation of the lighthouse factory.

In the future, SANY Heavy Energy will vigorously promote the equipment and application of carbon fiber composite materials in the field of wind power.

  Gao Rui, an associate researcher of the China Enterprise Confederation, said in an interview with our reporter that the top 500 Chinese companies in 2021 have a total of 1.4486 million valid patents, and the number of patents has increased by 224,300, an increase of 16.89%.

Fortune 500 companies are playing the role of "leading sheep" in conquering key core technologies and creating independent intellectual property rights.

"Chinese companies should be good at taking advantage of the corner overtaking opportunities brought about by the new technological revolution, accelerate the creation of emerging industrial chains such as 5G, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, and new materials, seize the opportunities of digital transformation, and continuously improve their innovation efficiency." Gao Rui said .

  The proportion of Chinese enterprises in the world's top 500 has increased

  The resilience of the top 500 Chinese companies is also reflected in the continuous improvement of international influence.

The latest list shows that among the Fortune 500 in 2021, the number of large companies from China has increased to 143.

Judging from the ranking changes in the rankings, half of the top 10 companies that have risen the fastest are from China.

  In this process, many companies have performed well in internationalization.

For example, China Communications Construction Group Co., Ltd. used domestic anti-epidemic experience in its operations in the “Belt and Road” countries and regions to establish a “grid + information” epidemic prevention and control system. No overseas projects were suspended due to the epidemic; Bank of Communications actively participated in financial opening. On the first day when the bond "Southbound Link" was launched, it became one of the first "Southbound Link" market makers and one of the first batch of domestic investors, and successfully concluded the first batch of "Southbound Link" transactions; Haier Based on the judgment of the trend of the Internet of Things era and the precise interactive insights into user needs, the "Kaos Industrial Internet Platform" launched by the group is replicated and promoted in more than 20 countries...

  "Large Chinese companies must maintain resilience and make persistent efforts. While striving to become world-class, they will drive more Chinese companies to strive to overcome key core technologies, continuously improve their position in the value chain of the global industrial chain, and continuously enhance their international influence." Gao Rui said.

  Wang Zhongyu further pointed out that, according to their own characteristics and environment, enterprises should refer to and benchmark international advanced enterprises, adjust and optimize management models and organizational structures, and effectively improve their capabilities and levels of international operations.

At the same time, we must focus on the innovation of transnational business models, actively participate in the formulation of international standards and rules, promote more Chinese brands and Chinese standards to go global, strengthen international discourse power, and create a good international image.

  Wang Junling

Wang Junling