She won the title of Distinguished Supervisor in the fifth session

Banana Al-Ghana: Happy to raise the name of the UAE in the "Arab Reading Challenge"

  • Moza Al-Ghana: “Instilling the culture of reading in the hearts of students is the responsibility of home and school together.”

  • During the disclosure of the coronation of Moza with the title of Distinguished Supervisor.



The Emirati Moza Al-Ghanna was able to win the title of Distinguished Supervisor in the “Arab Reading Challenge” in its fifth edition, which was recently concluded, after a long perseverance in the largest knowledge initiative of its kind in the Arab world.

Moza - who is a domain manager in the Education Foundation in the first branch, manages 16 schools, and supervised 108 schools between the emirates of Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain and some schools in Sharjah during the “Arab Reading Challenge” - considered her winning the Distinguished Supervisor Award to devote her effort in the “Reading Challenge” The Arab”, as she worked hard for years to achieve the title, explaining that she feels that she has achieved the dream of many in the Emirates by winning, and was able to raise the name of her country among the Arab countries, during the fifth session, which attracted more than 21 million students from 52 countries, and 120 thousand supervisors, and 96,000 schools.

fun experience

In her interview with Emirates Today, Mozah Al-Ghana described the experience of participating in the “Challenge” as enjoyable, as she works with students, teachers and schools to achieve the best levels in the “Arab Reading Challenge”, noting that during the past year she worked to help one of the schools to achieve the second level. At the level of the Arab world, it is Al-Rams School for Basic Education, and it has cooperated with many schools to make it do better through “The Challenge”.

The first goal of the Emirati supervisor, according to her assertion, is to contribute to the dissemination of reading among the largest number of students, noting that by examining the number of participants, it was noted that female students are more oriented to reading than male students, as the boys were in a state of fluctuation with reading, and their numbers were not fixed, which He made them work hard to recruit female leaders in male schools to raise the level of reading in them, as she put it.


One of the challenges that the supervisors faced in working on the “challenge” in the fifth session was supervising students in light of the “Corona” pandemic, and the restrictions it imposed on life and the form of education.

The singing moza worked hard to turn challenges into opportunities to develop the level of reading in schools.

Among the challenges faced by supervisors were meetings held remotely, in addition to the need to commit to organizing sessions in small numbers, so work was distributed in small groups, with double working hours, and intense meetings between morning and evening periods, and this is what made the challenge succeed, thanks to Motivation to serve the country.

The Emirati supervisor worked on forming teams to organize the work. A team was set up to train students in reading skills, and another team was set up to hone skills up to the personal. Students were also directed to books that match their levels.

She indicated the presence of arbitrators in each school, and linking them with coordinators at the level of the complex and the scope, and this link of communication led to the success of the work in light of all the challenges.

She stressed that the work was according to a long strategic planning, since from the beginning, everyone was studying the challenges of the past years, to provide effective solutions to them.

Working mechanism

Moza al-Ghana noted that the current generation is reading, but it needs follow-up to ensure continuity in reading, stressing the need to develop a work mechanism to ensure the persistence of reading through cooperation between home and school, and harmony is necessary so that students can achieve.

And she saw that the students changed their convictions about reading, and that it is an additional duty, as they became more convinced that it builds their future, pointing out that the culture of reading is an act that grows through education in school and at home, so it is necessary for all parties to cooperate to obtain a generation of readers.

Moza al-Ghanna realizes that the current generation is more inclined to technology, but she is counting on the Arab Reading Challenge initiative to raise awareness of the importance of reading, stressing that commitment to all the goals of the initiative, embodying its dimensions, and looking at the current generation seriously in the field of reading, will make a difference. Big in the life of young people.

door to life

Moza gave the singing person an advice to the new generation to arm themselves with reading, describing it as a key to every door: life, work, livelihood, and nation building, in addition to its importance for expanding perceptions and concepts.

She pointed out that the wish of every educator and teacher is to create a conscious generation armed with knowledge, indicating that her specialization in the Arabic language and her work as a supervisor and planner made her work hard to instill a passion for reading in the hearts of students for its countless benefits.

120,000 supervisors and 96,000 schools were attracted by the "Challenge" in its last session.

The current generation is reading, but it needs follow-up to ensure continuity.

My first goal is to contribute to the dissemination of reading among the largest number of students.

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