Beijing News Express (Reporter Pei Jianfei) A reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation that in order to ensure the safety of rail transit operations, from next Tuesday (September 28), Beijing will ban the use of electric vehicles on the subway.

  According to the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation, in order to further strengthen the safety management of Beijing’s rail transit operations, ensure operational order, and maintain a safe, convenient and harmonious ride environment, in accordance with the "Beijing Rail Transit Operation Safety Regulations" and other regulations, the municipal transportation department has The "Beijing Rail Transit Passenger Code" has been revised, clarifying that from September 28, 2021, passengers are prohibited from bringing electric mobility tools into the station.

  After integrating the opinions of all parties and extensively soliciting opinions from the public, the "Beijing Rail Transit Passenger Code" has revised the relevant content of Articles 6 and 14, of which Article 6 adds "No electric mobility tools and other obstructions in the station , The contents of vehicles passing through the vehicle or items that may affect operational safety, except for barrier-free electric wheelchairs, make it clear that passengers are not allowed to bring electric mobility tools into the station and ride; Article 14 item 9 deletes “automatic balance vehicle” "The content, it is clear that passengers "are not allowed to use folding bicycles, various types of scooters, roller shoes, skateboards, etc., in stations and carriages, and are not allowed to bring inflatable balloons into the station."

  Bringing electric bicycles and other vehicles into the station has safety problems such as low fire protection performance, failure to effectively extinguish a fire as soon as possible, possible blockage of passages, and impact on evacuation. In subway stations and underground spaces where the train environment is relatively closed, there are major safety risks, and Prohibition of electric vehicles from entering the subway conforms to the current fire safety situation and the safety requirements of the general public, and should be prohibited.

The problem of the driving industry and the last mile commuting can be solved by other transportation methods such as shared bicycles.

  Beijing News reporter Pei Jianfei