Europe 1 with AFP 5:59 p.m., September 26, 2021

SOS Médecins wants to draw attention to "the planned disappearance of the home visit", denouncing the "insufficient" allocated resources.

The federation of associations of liberal doctors SOS Médecins announced, Sunday, September 26, a "total stop" of the activity (home visit, consultation, teleconsultation regulation center) for 24 hours from Monday 8 am to "alert the French on the planned disappearance of the home visit ".

Insufficient means

"For more than fifteen years, the means allocated to home visits have indeed been insufficient with regard to the needs of the French and the aging of the population", estimates SOS Médecins, noting by way of example that "the travel allowance 10 euros for day visits has not changed for fifteen years ".

"The main consequence of this devaluation of the visit is a growing disengagement of general practitioners from this practice", deplores the federation, for whom "the home visit is in danger".

The organization is "very uplifted"

The federation had decided at the beginning of September to call its members to such a day of action in order to obtain an increase in the price of home visits, planning to reveal the date at the last moment to avoid that "the movement is killed in the egg "by early requisitions.

Three million home visits per year

The organization is very upset against the last agreement signed at the end of July by the unions of liberal doctors and the Health Insurance, which extends the "long visit" (70 euros) but only for the benefit of treating doctors who come to their own patients .

Created in 1966, SOS Médecins brings together 1,300 general practitioners, who carry out around 3 million home visits each year.