Actress Sanne Vogel will play the leading role in the new Dutch romantic comedy



Shooting will start on Monday and the film should be shown in cinemas next spring, distributor WW Entertainment announced on Sunday.

Vogel plays a popular food blogger who has dreamed of writing his own cookbook since childhood.

She accidentally writes a negative review about the passionate chef's restaurant she just fell for.

She then works herself further and further into trouble.

Other roles are for Sinan Eroglu, Sanne Langelaar, Holly Mae Brood, Ilse Warringa, Roué Verveer, Loek Peters, Anneke Blok and Erik van Muiswinkel.

The film is directed by Mannin de Wildt, who

has directed

successful series such as

Rozengeur and Vodka Lime




The screenplay was written by Floor van Lissa (


) with a

script contribution

by Richard Kemper (

Housewives don't exist

) and Jeroen Margry (

The Club of Ugly Children