Inside on the catwalk, the fashion people are still sitting at a distance, outside the door young people gather in clusters.

So it is with Fendi on Wednesday, with Max Mara, Boss and Etro on Thursday.

The time after the pandemic must have already begun for the fans too, there are now more than before who are huddling into the crowd with their iPhones.

Maybe Gigi Hadid will run out right away, recently with red hair.

Or Chiara Ferragni.

Or Caro Daur.

Jennifer Wiebking

Editor in the "Life" section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

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It's Milan Fashion Week, the first big one, with one live show after the next.

The age of digital shows could already be over, in any case, there is nothing against the experience IRL

(in real life)

, the fans in front of the door would probably confirm that too.

Anyone who wants to enter the show is checked several times: The first doorman asks for the invitation.

The second calls out proudly: “Green Pass, please.” It is the symbol of the successful vaccination campaign in Italy.

The third quickly holds the thermometer to his forehead.

Then you can see fashion.

Meet other fashion people, although the kiss and kiss society is still holding back with exuberance these days.

The memories have not yet faded of the February 2020 fashion week, when the first corona deaths occurred in Lombardy and the fashion week in its capital, Milan.

When some of those present also brought the virus with them to the countries from which they had come.

Almost everything as before

On the other hand, next summer is definitely coming, and if almost 80 percent of those over 12 years old in Italy have already been vaccinated twice, then the designers of this country who are showing fashion for the next year here have legitimate reason to be optimistic, to enjoy life again : It expresses itself in the colors, in yellow, apricot, lime green, white (Jil Sander, Brunello Cucinelli).

And it expresses itself in many crop tops (Fendi, Etro, Max Mara), in a sense the opposite of the couch look.

In the evening, the waiters carry around full trays of Aperol Spritz to cocktail receptions.

The influencers pace up and down for their own cell phone cameras.

Actually everything is the same here again.