Actually, things looked pretty good for Wolfgang Kubicki.

For a good hour he was allowed to

drink wine

with the riot broadcaster

Bild TV

in his regular bistro and be begged to speak as much "plain text" as possible, which means in



to talk

about everything that

Bild is

hated (Greens, Gendern, die Corona policy of the federal government), and

let yourself be celebrated the next

day in the


newspaper as "Coolbicki".

So everything was fine if it weren't for Spacken.

Jörg Thomann

Editor in the "Life" section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

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According to Kubicki, “Spacken” is called Karl Lauterbach - not by Kubicki himself, who says he appreciates his colleague, but by the people in Kubicki's favorite bar. This does not mean that Lauterbach is so spack, i.e. thin, but stupid. That Klugbicki should have spoken out instead of Coolbicki was not only found by Lauterbach himself, who really gets enough hatred, but possibly also the landlords in Kubicki's hometown - the FDP man chatted about having visited pubs there regularly during the lockdown, " who were still open even though it was forbidden ”. According to Kubicki, the guests in his local pub also liked to use the word “gypsy schnitzel”. Strangely enough, that's not on the menu, but a Buddha-Bowl,which in Kubicki's world should actually be a classic meal for green spacks.

A run like Bayern

Shortly before the election,



important facts.

"In contrast to the failed predecessors Scharping, Steinmeier, Steinbrück and Schulz, Scholz does NOT wear glasses - but Laschet", we read: Point for Scholz, as long as he doesn't hide reading glasses in the bedside table drawer.

What speaks for Laschet: “Whenever Bayern Munich has been the reigning champion since reunification, the Union has won the election (5 times, with the exception of 2009).

Bayern is also currently champion!

When Schröder won, the title winners were Kaiserslautern (1998) and Dortmund (2002). “While FCB will undoubtedly win the next 30 championship titles, we are less sure about the CDU / CSU.

Instead of buying the best players away from the competition, the Union is always trying to replace Friedrich Merz.

Chancellor candidates could have learned a lot from Meghan, who


on the cover of


with her Harry

, as two of "100 most influential people in 2021". “Meghan hooks her thumbs on her trouser pocket, a gesture of power,”



one of the


e photos and states: “Meghan is clearly in focus on the front page and literally has the trousers (from Victoria Beckham, among others) on. ”If we hadn't even recognized that she was wearing several pants in the picture. According to


, a presenter has about Harry, who is behind it

blasphemed: "He looks like a hairdresser who is happy to present his customer with the finished hair dryer result!" This hairdresser definitely deserves trust, because Harry's own hair looks unusually full again in the photos.

Grandpa with the tube

Harry's grandfather pays tribute to his family in a film about which


reports: “Prince Philip is said to have allowed himself to joke with mustard tubes more often at barbecues with the family. 'He took the lid off and put it in your hand. . . and then he pressed your hands together so that the mustard splashed on the ceiling, 'said William. That got the Prince Consort into some trouble with the Queen. ”Delicious humor, but strange that the royals don't seem to have a barbecue outside; the mustard must have splashed quite a bit to hit the high palace ceilings. And didn't the rest of the Philips Gag family see through at some point: "Warning, Grandpa is coming back with the mustard tube?" Instead of the Queen, we would have simply replaced the tubes with mustard jars.

"Your baby will be a surprise," claims

Das goldene Blatt

about the Swedish royals Sofia and Carl Philip. “Because the mini-prince actually seems to have a great influence on his two older brothers! Since little Julian was born, Alexander (5) and Gabriel (4) should argue a lot less. And instead take very loving care of Julian, play with him, even share toys with him. ”So if your little ones are permanently in the hair, make sure that another child comes quickly, then everything will be fine . And if still not, then another and another.

Barbara Schöneberger seems to be very temperamental herself, who



with the words: “Sometimes I want to throw things.

To my husband.

Then the steam will be out. ”Hopefully she won't throw irons.

Actor Harald Krassnitzer chooses a different strategy, who affirms in the

Neue Blatt

: "Everything that my wife does and where I might wonder why she's doing it now, triggers admiration in me." not be that easy.

But maybe he could admire her for how well she aims.