On September 25, according to the official WeChat account of Zhangjiakou Daily, the Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province and other four departments jointly issued the "Notice on Further Accelerating the Improvement of the Long-term Real Estate Mechanism" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice").

  The "Notice" mentioned that in order to thoroughly implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on stabilizing land prices, housing prices, and expectations, adhere to the positioning of "houses are for living, not for speculation", and speed up the improvement of the long-term real estate mechanism , To promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, so relevant measures are formulated in accordance with the actual situation in the main urban area of ​​Zhangjiakou.

  One of the measures mentions improving the mechanism for stabilizing house prices, strictly implementing clearly marked prices, and one room for one price.

All items shall not be sold beyond the record price.

Projects that have obtained pre-sale permits shall not be sold below the cost, and newly-obtained pre-sale permits shall not be sold below 85% of the recorded price.

  The content of this measure that "newly obtained pre-sale license items shall not be sold less than 85% of the recorded price" is also called the "restriction order".

  Why did Zhangjiakou issue a "restriction order"?

  From the perspective of housing price performance, taking the main urban area of ​​Zhangjiakou as an example, the current housing price has dropped from the peak of about 13,000 yuan/square meter to an average price of 8,000 yuan/square meter. Based on this calculation, the price has fallen by about 38%.

Especially since the second half of 2021, there have been many real estates in and around the main urban area of ​​Zhangjiakou. Due to the pressure of cash flow and sales collection, they have begun to sell below cost.

  "Zhangjiakou Daily" pointed out that through measures such as substantial price reductions, the market sensation and the enthusiasm of home buyers, and price reduction projects have also achieved good sales results through price-for-volume exchange in a short period of time, and they have quickly returned to circulation. funds.

However, due to the substantial price reduction measures of some real estate projects, which have had a huge impact on the entire real estate market, and also brought huge sales pressure on other real estate projects, in mid-July, the Zhangjiakou Housing and Real Estate Industry Association first issued an initiative to request All real estate companies are strict in self-discipline, and must not sell the developed commercial housing at a price lower than the cost price, prevent malicious speculation, and prevent deliberately disrupting the order of the standardized sales market.

  Du Jixin, Chief of the Real Estate Supervision Section of the Zhangjiakou Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau, stated that the “restriction order” was issued to maintain the real estate market sales order in a timely manner and better maintain the normal operation of the real estate market.

Du Jixin believes that buyers who buy a house at a price significantly lower than the cost will definitely think that it is a big bargain, but things can't be that simple. The later guarantees and the investment in housing facilities will definitely add to the high expenses.

Therefore, the "restriction order" is also protecting the interests of home buyers to a certain extent.

  Du Jixin pointed out that part of the "restriction order" is for old real estates that have obtained pre-sale permits and cannot be sold below cost; the other part is for new real estates that have newly obtained pre-sale permits, which should not be lower than 85% of the recorded price. Sales, that is, house prices cannot fall more than 15%.

  "Zhangjiakou Daily" pointed out that while "limiting the fall", it must also "limit the increase." As another content of this "notice", "establish a fuse mechanism for land auctions. In the process of land auctions, when the premium rate reaches When 50% or more of the set maximum price limit, stop the online bidding and adopt a lottery method to determine the bidder.” It can be seen that the excessively high land price auction will be fuse, which makes the developer must formulate house sales within a reasonable range Price, can't overcharge.

The real estate supervision department is to use the two hands of "limiting down" and "limiting up" to maintain the order of real estate business in our city, so that more people will benefit.

  According to the monitoring data of Centaline Real Estate Research Center, before Zhangjiakou, eight cities had issued policies or held meetings in response to price cuts by developers. These cities include Yueyang, Guilin, Heze, Kunming, Shenyang, Jiangyin, Zhuzhou, and Tangshan.

  Comprehensive report by The Paper Journalist Ji Simin