35.2 billion yuan signed for this year's Beijing Film Festival

  39 companies involved in 44 key projects broke records again

  News from our newspaper (Reporter Wang Jinyue) On September 25, the signing ceremony for the Beijing market of the 11th Beijing International Film Festival was held as scheduled. The results were announced on the spot. This year, a total of 44 key projects and 39 companies signed and released in the Beijing market. The total amount reached 35.223 billion yuan, an increase of about 6% year-on-year, breaking the record again.

According to statistics, the "Beijing Market" signing ceremony has promoted 346 key project negotiations and signings in the past 11 years, with a total transaction volume of 20.251 billion yuan, which fully proves the industry's acceptance and recognition of the platform.

  The "Beijing Market" is an important part of the Beijing International Film Festival, and the signing ceremony has always affected the attention of all sectors of society.

The signed projects include film projects, film industry funds, film series derivative business and other links in the film industry chain. This year, a total of 39 companies and institutions have come to the stage to sign key projects.

  Among them, the Bank of Beijing signed a total of 5 projects at the signing ceremony. In order to further promote the construction of Beijing’s National Cultural Center, Bank of Beijing signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Beijing Film Bureau. The intentional credit of less than 20 billion yuan will support the development of high-quality film companies in the industry and the construction of film industry clusters and key film projects, and work together to create a film and television highland with world influence.

  The film "Home in Chang'an", the key African film "Conquering Ebola" aided by the Chinese medical team, and the criminal action film "Code Name" based on real cases in the Greater Bay Area were released in the "Key Film and Television Project Co-production Contract of Poly Pictures". ·Typhoon Action"; "Poly Pictures Key Film and Television Project Promotion and Distribution Cooperation Signing" released the science fiction suspense film "Parallel Forest" and the animated film "King Gesar".

  Wentou Holdings Co., Ltd. released two film and television projects of the "Winter Olympics Cultural Promotion Plan of Wentou Holding 100 Cities", the animated film "Our Winter Olympics" and the animated series "Going to Beijing in 2022"; at the same time three films were released. The film "The Legend of the Kitchen King", "The Name of Ice and Snow", and "Sinking Silver in Jiangkou".

  Wanda Pictures released two films "I invite you to come in the future" and "I don't want to be friends with you."

Beijing Yingqing Culture Media Co., Ltd. has released six key contracted projects: "Crossroads", "Misty Jungle", "Late Father's Love", "Snowstorm", "Escape from the Valley of the Evil" and "Bohai".

Beijing Qitai Ocean Culture Media Co., Ltd. released two film projects "Hanging Ancient Secrets" trilogy and "The Lost Girl".

Beijing Lechuang Youxi Hotel Management Co., Ltd. and Jingjiangnan Digital Entertainment (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. signed the "Youxi Movie Hotel" project, aiming to create a mid-to-high-end hotel brand integrating "hotel + movie" across borders.

  After the signing of the contract, Wang Jiequn, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and director of the Beijing Film Bureau, stated that in the 11 years, the "Beijing Market" has been based on the development of the film industry and built "movie elements" with the theme of "display, promotion, exchange, and trading." The three major platforms of "Project Venture Capital" and "Copyright Trading" attract outstanding project participation and many commercial entities to sign and cooperate, forming a strong cohesion and influence in the industry.