In the autumnal equinox, Wuyuan Huangling Scenic Spot in Jiangxi Province is full of abundant grains, fragrant melons and fruits, rice ears curled up with waves, orange, yellow, orange and green beautiful scenery, presenting a "blooming" outside "blooming" scene.

  In the past few days, the fourth Peasant Harvest Festival with the theme of "appreciating the party's favor, respecting heroes, celebrating a good harvest, and enjoying joy" kicked off in Huangling, and a lively sequence of activities unfolded.

Huangling Sunqiu aunts used the harvested rice, corn and chili to put out a giant portrait of Academician Yuan Longping. While paying tribute to him, they also expressed the joy and gratitude of the farmer friends during the harvest festival.

(Fang Huabin produced Jiang Tao)

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]