The governors of the three prefectures in the Tokyo metropolitan area have requested the government to indicate the specific details of the mitigation, such as the business hours for requesting restaurants to shorten the current measures when reviewing the current measures due to the cancellation of the state of emergency. bottom.

Before the state of emergency issued in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa expires on September 30, the governors of the three prefectures submitted a request to the government on the 26th.

He points out that while the number of new positives continues to decline, the burden on medical care is improving, but it is still severe and unpredictable.

In order to avoid rebounding medical strains, it is necessary to continue to promote flexible and strong infection control measures to further reduce the number of new positives.

After that, when the state of emergency is lifted and the current measures are reviewed, the government is required to specify the contents of the gradual mitigation in the "basic response policy".

Specifically, it mentions the business hours that request restaurants to shorten, the handling of stores certified by the government, the implementation period of measures, etc., and it is clear to the government about the relaxation of the strong measures that have been continued so far. It is a form that asks for involvement.

Governor of Tokyo Koike "Judgment of Tomorrow's Country"

Governor Koike of Tokyo told reporters that he requested the government to show the specific details of the mitigation when reviewing the current measures. We need to step by step while preventing rebounds. "

On that basis, he said, "While the national government decides on the state of emergency, continuing to implement effective measures as one of the three prefectures will lead to the prevention of rebounds. I requested that tomorrow. I would like to keep an eye on what kind of movement it will be. "

Governor Saitama Ohno "Currently, we have to put some restrictions on it."

Regarding the fact that the governors of 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures submitted a request to the government, Governor Ono of Saitama Prefecture told reporters on the afternoon of the 26th, "The number of new positives has decreased, and the burden on medical institutions has decreased to some extent. Although it is decreasing, the number of new positives is still at a high level, and the number of medical treatments is also very large. At present, it is necessary to further reduce the number of new positives and medical treatments and avoid rebounds. I think we have to put some restrictions on it. "

On top of that, Governor Ohno said, "While asking for a certain amount of restrictions, we would like to talk to experts and establish a system that enables us to carry out economic and social activities as soon as possible."