According to the latest 30th issue of the "Global Financial Center Index" report, Hong Kong's overall ranking has risen by one place from March this year to third in the world.

After the "Regulation Amendment Disturbance" occurred in 2019, Hong Kong once fell out of the top five, and now it has returned to the top three.

The SAR government stated that this clearly affirms Hong Kong's status and strength as the world's leading financial center.

Looking back on the changes in rankings over the past two years, it is a U-shaped curve, and this curve shows the new atmosphere of Hong Kong from the side of chaos and governance, and also uses facts to tell people some truths that must be remembered.

  Economic and social development and improvement of people's livelihood depend on a stable and orderly social environment.

Looking at the world, no international financial center has developed and grown amidst social turmoil, and Hong Kong is no exception.

Before the "Regulations Amendment Disturbance", Hong Kong ranked third in this index.

After the "Regulations Amendment Disturbance" caused continuous social unrest, Hong Kong's ranking once fell to sixth place in early 2020.

With the promulgation and implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, Hong Kong society continues to move towards stability. In March 2021, this ranking rose to fourth place.

Since then, the Hong Kong election system has been improved and the principle of "patriots ruling Hong Kong" has been implemented. The first election under the new election system has ended smoothly. Recently, Hong Kong's ranking has risen to third, achieving a "U-shaped" reversal.

  To maintain Hong Kong’s long-term prosperity and stability, and to continuously consolidate and upgrade its status as an international financial center, it must be based on the implementation of the central government’s overall governance power, the implementation of the principle of "patriots ruling Hong Kong", and the establishment of governance that conforms to the Constitution, the Basic Law and the principles of "one country, two systems" order.

Practice has proved that Hong Kong’s status as an international financial center is the result of the hard work of generations of Hong Kong people. It is the result of China’s continuous deepening of reform and opening up and the most solid and powerful support for Hong Kong. It is also the result of our resolute implementation and maintenance of "One Country, Two Systems". The inevitability is difficult for anyone to interfere and shake.

  As an international financial center, Hong Kong has such a great attraction, in addition to its deep accumulation in the financial field, more importantly, it "relies on the motherland and faces the world" and has played a bridge role in the interconnection between the inland and international capital markets.

For example, as a global offshore renminbi business hub, the country’s economy has grown steadily and the country’s opening to the outside world has expanded in an all-round way. The internationalization of the renminbi has increased, giving Hong Kong the confidence to maintain its status as an international financial center.

Facing the future, to ensure that Hong Kong is further integrated into the overall national development situation, to give full play to Hong Kong's unique and irreplaceable role in the new development pattern, and to better leverage Mainland funds and advantages to achieve development. As an international financial center, Hong Kong has a promising future and a promising future.

  A stable and orderly development environment is hard-won.

As long as Hong Kong’s society does not suffer from internal friction, and rely on the wisdom and sweat of Hong Kong compatriots, together with the strong support of the central government and the mainland, it will surely promote the continuous improvement of Hong Kong’s status as an international financial, shipping, and trade center, and it will definitely help. Hong Kong concentrates its energy on solving long-standing deep-seated contradictions and problems, develops the economy, improves people's livelihood, and better benefits Hong Kong citizens, and cultivates new advantages, plays new roles, realizes new development, makes new contributions, and creates a better life on the new journey. Tomorrow.

  Su Yu