Shenyang: Intermediaries are not allowed to list second-hand houses in the name of school district houses, and they shall not be higher than the transaction reference price

  Liu Chang

  On September 26, The Paper learned from the Shenyang Real Estate Bureau of Liaoning Province that on September 22, the Shenyang Real Estate Bureau, the Shenyang Internet Information Office, and the Shenyang Market Supervision Administration jointly issued the "Notice on Regulating Real Estate Sales Promotions" ".

  The "Notice" proposes that in the process of real estate development enterprises and commercial housing marketing agencies selling commercial housing, real estate sales advertisements shall not contain promises for resident registration, enrollment, etc.; shall not express or imply that the purchaser can sign up for admission, or sign up for admission. When attending a specific elementary and middle school, you must not use specific terms that cause buyers to misunderstand the qualifications of the specific elementary and secondary school; you must not mislead and publicize cultural and educational facilities under planning and construction. Cultural and educational facilities involved in planning or construction should be clearly noted. It indicates “under planning” or “under construction”.

  Real estate intermediaries may not list second-hand houses in the name of school district houses in the process of intermediary agency sales of second-hand houses; they may not list second-hand houses at prices significantly higher than the market price or the transaction reference price announced by the government; they must not organize the seller to jointly raise the quotation; and shall not assist. Both parties to the transaction signed a Yin-Yang contract.

  Online self-media must not spread views that are contrary to the national housing policy policy; must not cooperate with developers and real estate intermediaries to speculate on school district housing and other topics; must not unilaterally or distortly interpret real estate control policies; must not fabricate and disseminate false information, deceive, or deceive Misleading consumers; do not deliberately create gimmicks or use "hot" events to incite and disrupt social order.

  The Shenyang real estate management department will carry out a special rectification of the city's real estate sales promotion with the market supervision department and the network information department, and strictly investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations in the real estate sales promotion in accordance with the law.

  According to the requirements of the eight departments including the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, housing sales are an important aspect of regulating the order of the real estate market in various places.

On July 23, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and other eight departments issued the "Notice on Continued Rectification and Standardization of the Real Estate Market Order", proposing to "strive to achieve a significant improvement in the real estate market order within three years or so", focusing on rectification of real estate development, house sales, housing leasing, Prominent problems in the housing sector, such as property services, have continued to be rectified, and the order of the real estate market has gradually improved.