With "Changjin Lake", "Pipiru and Luxisi: The Canned Man", "Five Poking Boys" and other movies are re-scheduled for the "11" holiday, currently, 12 movies have been announced to be released during the National Day , Setting a record for the number of films on National Day in the past 4 years.

  Judging from the release time, on September 30, "Changjin Lake", "My Fathers and Me", "Pipiru and Luxisi: The Canned Man" took the lead; on October 1, "Five Splashing Water" "Juvenile", "Ten Years of Warmth", "Eagle Catch a Chick", "Squad of Cute Chickens: A New World", "Big Ear Tutu's Tyrannosaurus Rex in Action", "Explore the Cat Mermaid Princess", "Pig Dick: The Blue Sea" "Fate" and "The Great Sage Demon" followed closely; on October 3, "Save the Donuts: Time and Space Rescue" continued to follow up.

  This year's National Day file can be said to be the world of domestic films.

Except for the Sino-US cooperation "Save the Donuts: Time and Space Rescue", the other 11 films are all purely domestic films.

From the perspective of genre, there are not only the main theme movies with history and war as the background, but also the youth movies with the theme of love, and there are also children's movies and cartoons with fantasy and adventure as the themes.

  Among the many films, the two main melodies of "Changjin Lake" and "My Fathers and Me" have received great attention.

"My Father and Me" is jointly directed by Wu Jing, Zhang Ziyi, Xu Zheng, and Shen Teng. It continues the "National Day Trilogy" IP, cut from the perspective of small people, reflecting the changes of the times and the inheritance and continuation of the national spirit; "Changjin Lake" "A panoramic restoration of epic-level battles, whether it is the theme type, the main creative lineup, or the production specifications, is enough to "lead" the National Day schedule.

  It is worth mentioning that the number of children’s films and animated films on National Day this year is as high as 8, far exceeding 3 in 2019 and 1 in 2020.

From the summer vacation to the National Day vacation, the domestic animation film market accounted for an overall increase this year.

Maoyan Research Institute "2021 Summer Animation Movie Data Insights" pointed out that parent-child animation is more of a demand consumption than content consumption when there is demand for weekends, small and long vacations, winter and summer vacations.

  In the Mid-Autumn Festival just past, the mainland China film market reported a box office of 498 million yuan in three days, which was lower than the Mid-Autumn Festival box office revenue of 531 million yuan, 804 million yuan, and 745 million yuan in the past three years. .

According to data from the Beacon Professional Edition, as of 19:00 on September 22, the total box office of National Day film pre-sales exceeded 44 million yuan, and the pre-screening media box office forecast of "Changjin Lake" was as high as 3.475 billion to 4.8 billion yuan.

As the last time that the Chinese film market is expected to produce explosive models this year, the performance of the National Day file will be highly anticipated.

  Our reporter Shi Lanna