China News Service, Chengdu, September 26 (Reporter Liu Zhongjun) The reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Emergency Management Department and the Front Emergency Command on the 26th that in the mudslide disaster that occurred in Labahe Town, Tianquan County, after all levels of rescue efforts, search and rescue efforts were made. Four missing persons have been successfully searched and rescued.

One of them was uninjured and two were slightly injured.

Another person confirmed no vital signs.

Rescuers are going to the disaster site to carry out rescue work.

Sichuan emergency map

  At 23:52 on the 25th, a mudslide occurred in Labahe Town, Tianquan County, which caused the reservoir area of ​​the Guolangqiao Hydropower Station to be flooded. More than 60 people were trapped in the second bid section of the road rehabilitation project, and traffic and communications were interrupted.

Forty-five people were evacuated to a safe area, and more than 10 people could not be contacted, and a board room was destroyed.

  The Fourth Sub-bureau of Sichuan Provincial Expressway Public Security announced that through the active efforts of the expressway public security, traffic law enforcement and Yakang Company’s “all the way” emergency rescue forces, the Yakang section of the Yakang section of G4218 Yaye Expressway has been rushed through in each direction for vehicles. All traffic controls at toll stations and diversion points are lifted.

The high-speed traffic police reminded that the rescue work of the corresponding geological hazard points is still in progress, and the corresponding points have also been safely channelized.

Drivers are requested to pay attention to slowing down when driving on Yakang Expressway, and carefully observe and avoid them to ensure driving safety.

  State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company revealed that after the disaster, the electric power department responded immediately by mobilizing emergency rescue equipment such as generator vehicles, highly mobile light towers, generators, Tiantong satellite phones, and 4G network walkie-talkies to the scene. , 86 rescuers and 25 vehicles were put in.

The first batch of rescue teams have arrived at the scene, and they are making every effort to ensure emergency power supply and assist local governments in emergency rescue and rescue.

  It is understood that the debris flow disaster caused the broken pole of the Horn River branch. The State Grid Tianquan County Power Supply Branch took measures to suspend the operation of the 10 kV Daxin line to avoid danger. ) The main line of the company's 10kV Daxin line, 14 stations, and 695 users have restored power supply, and the Horn River branch has not been restored (involving 4 scenic spots).

  At present, the rescued personnel have received full medical treatment and are emotionally stable, and the rest of the missing personnel are still in full rescue.