In the summer mountain season, which was the first time in two years on Mt. Fuji, the number of climbers on the Yamanashi side was more than 65,000, which is more than 120,000 less than the number of climbers before being affected by the new coronavirus. It has become the smallest since 1981, when the number of records remains.

Mt. Fuji did not open last summer due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but this was the first summer mountain season in two years from July 1st to this month 10th.

According to the city of Fujiyoshida at the foot of the mountain, a total of 65,519 climbers were found in a survey conducted at the 6th station of the Yoshidaguchi mountain trail on Mt. Fuji during this period.

The number of people decreased by 125,288, or 65%, which was the lowest since 1981, when statistics were first collected.

About the reason Fujiyoshida City has been operating the Fuji Subaru Line, a prefectural road that connects the foot of Mt. Fuji and the 5th station, which used to be 24 hours a day, from 3:00 am to 6 pm to prevent infection of the new corona. He mentioned that he was restricted by the time and that he reduced the capacity of the mountain lodge.

Fujiyoshida City Mt. Fuji Division said, "This year, we were able to open the mountain even in the corona storm with the cooperation of the people concerned. Although the number of climbers was small, I think it will lead to next year."