Recently, some special "female pilgrims" suddenly appeared in the Buddhist monastery. They wore sleeveless cheongsams and swaggered around in the monastery. The famous watch is placed in a prominent position.

In short, it is to "move" the vulgar Internet celebrities into the clean land of Buddhism, and call themselves "Buddha".

What kind of lady is "Foyuan"?

To put it simply, it is a combination of "rituals to the Buddha" and "females", which generally refers to the new "females" who take the lifestyle of copying scriptures, worshiping Buddha, and tasting tea, and at the same time have beauty and wealth.

  However, these new "celebs" have Buddhist scriptures in their mouths, but business ideas in their hearts.

Seemingly fresh and elegant, it actually incorporates Buddhist elements such as vegetarian food and tea tasting on the basis of showing off wealth. It is still the old way of using people to set up a circle and use traffic to make money.

  If the end of the Internet celebrity is "Foyuan", then the end of "Foyuan" is to bring goods.

The character design of "Foyuan" is almost finished, and it has shown its original shape. With the "exquisite acting skills" of "I don't need money, just to be attached to you", I started to cut leeks with goods. A bracelet that usually costs tens of dollars. They can be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  In fact, everyone has long been familiar with the routines of Internet celebrities, but this time they chose the wrong location.

Scratching one's head in a Buddhist monastery undermined the serious atmosphere of religious sites, and cheating traffic and making quick money in the name of religion is even more suspected of violations.

The flow is boundless, and turning back is the shore.

Ladies and gentlemen, please stop the farce and bring peace to the Buddhist family.

Editor in charge: [Li Jun]