China News Service, Beijing, September 25 (Xu Jing) The National Day is approaching. The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscaping and Landscaping today that after 10 days of intense construction, the arrangement of flowers along Tiananmen Square and Chang'an Avenue was successfully completed today.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscaping, the arrangement of flower baskets in Tiananmen Square will commence construction on the 15th of this month. In order to minimize the impact of construction, the main work of flower arrangement is basically carried out at night.

The picture shows the citizens taking a group photo with the "Bless the Motherland" flower basket.

Photo courtesy of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscaping

  The "Blessing of the Motherland" center flower basket completed the main structure on the 23rd. After completing the established steps of the basket body construction, flower placement and night lighting, it has undergone meticulous adjustments. Today, it appeared in Tiananmen Square in a perfect posture.

At the same time, ten themed flower beds along Chang'an Avenue were officially unveiled, attracting tourists along the way to take pictures.

  It is reported that the 10 flower beds on the National Day this year have distinct themes. The five flower beds on East Chang'an Avenue wish to strive for a bright future, and the five flower beds on West Chang'an Avenue show the four seasons of "the country is the people, and the people are the country".

  In addition, between Jianguomen and Fuxingmen, 7000 square meters of ground-planted flowers and 100 sets of container flowers are arranged to create a warm, festive and joyful holiday atmosphere.