[Explanation] 2021 coincides with the 140th anniversary of Lu Xun’s birth and the 100th anniversary of the publication of Lu Xun’s work "Hometown".

From September 24 to 25, the 2021 Master Dialogue-Hometown Dialogue Conference was held in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. Experts and scholars from China, Japan and South Korea talked about the "spiritual hometown" of East Asian culture and world culture with hometown and homesickness as the link.

  "Hometown" was created in 1921, based on the real experience of Lu Xun when he returned to Shaoxing for the last time. The words and words are soaked in his will to fight for the awakening, liberation and rejuvenation of the nation.

Lu Xun “screamed” for the nation throughout his life, studied in Nanjing, traveled to Japan, etc., and eventually fell asleep in Shanghai.

The rich experience gave Lu Xun a deep feeling for his "hometown" and laid the foundation for the development of modern cities and cultural exchanges.

To commemorate this "literary master", China, Japan and South Korea also listed "Hometown" as a classic text in the textbook. The three countries have a strong resonance in finding "spiritual hometown" and promoting East Asian cultural exchanges.

  [Concurrent] Shoichi Kondo, Member of the House of Representatives of the Japanese Cadet Democratic Party and Secretary-General of the Japan-China Friendship Council

  So hometown, as the name suggests, refers to a place, but it can also refer to people's hearts. Therefore, this conference also promotes the communication between people and the exchange between hearts.

  [Concurrent] Kim Chen-kun, Minister Counselor of the Korean Embassy in China

  I hope that through this conference, we will talk about Lu Xun's thoughts, so that it will be widely spread not only in China, Japan and South Korea, but also in the world.

  [Commentary] Lu Xun's eldest grandson and Lu Xun Cultural Foundation Chairman Zhou Lingfei talked at the scene that Lu Xun, as a "cultural symbol", is not only Chinese, but also of Asia, but also of the world. I hope that Lu Xun's works and Lu Xun's spirit can become civilizations of various countries. A bridge for exchanges and mutual learning.

  [Concurrent] Lu Xun's eldest grandson, Lu Xun Cultural Foundation Chairman Zhou Lingfei

  In the past ten years, Lu Xun has appeared more in our field of vision. Our young people have also begun to seek spiritual support for a considerable period of time in the past, after a very material period of time.

He left us with a rich cultural heritage, his values, his criticism of national character, his spiritual pursuit, his spirit of "bow down his head and be willing to be a bully", and his spirit of struggle with his eyes on his face. Multi-faceted can arouse the resonance of people from all walks of life, people in different positions, and people of different ages. I think everyone can find resonance in him.

  [Explanation] Zhou Lingfei said that with the development of society and technological progress, Lu Xun we have come into contact with has gradually become three-dimensional from two-dimensional reading. He called on audio-visual, video, and Internet workers to try to restore real and three-dimensional great men, heroes, models, etc. , More spread their positive energy.

  [Concurrent] Lu Xun's eldest grandson, Lu Xun Cultural Foundation Chairman Zhou Lingfei

  We used to read Lu Xun, especially in my time. When we were young, we used to read Lu Xun in two dimensions. Open the textbooks and read Lu Xun’s works. Flat reading and text reading are very important, but it lacks scenes, because With our current technological development and social development, we have more ways to read, that is, three-dimensional reading methods, radio, TV, Internet... We are getting closer to the environment (Lu Xun’s), we should We call on the workers in this field to work hard to make these positive energy, as well as our heroes, martyrs, model people, and the works that express them, three-dimensionally.

  [Explanation] At the conference site, the "Hometown Envoy" certificate awarding ceremony was also held.

In May 2021, Lu Xun of Beijing Language and Culture University and the Institute of World Culture launched the "Outstanding Short Videos of Hundred Countries and Hundred Hometowns", and selected 5 "hometown messengers" worldwide.

Wang Zhongyi, editor-in-chief of People's China Magazine, told reporters that the emotions and questions raised in Lu Xun's works are common to human beings, and his works and spirit are universal.

  [Concurrent] Wang Zhongyi, Editor-in-Chief of People's China Magazine

  So this kind of thinking of Lu Xun, for example, Lu Xun’s "The True Story of Ah Q" and "The Diary of a Madman" and "Hometown" his emotions, the questions he raised, it is a human common problem, this is The great thing about Lu Xun’s literature is that it has a cosmopolitan character, and it reflects a kind of modernity, which is a reflection of this modernity from the East Asians. This is the timeless and vitality of Lu Xun’s literature. The reason lies in my personal understanding.

  [Explanation] It is reported that the 2021 Master Dialogue-Hometown Dialogue Conference is hosted by the Lu Xun Cultural Foundation, the Institute of Literature of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Shaoxing Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism, and the Beijing Language and Culture University Lu Xun and the Institute of World Culture, under the guidance of the Propaganda Department of the Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee , Supported by Xianheng Hotel.

  Reporter Shen Yishan reports from Shaoxing, Zhejiang

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