China News Service, Shenzhen, September 25 (Reporter Fang Weibin) At the Shenzhen Cultural Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Cultural Fair"), which is known as the "No. Wings are shown to the audience through cross-border cooperation and novel forms of expression.

  After interviewing a number of "intangible cultural heritage" project exhibitors, reporters from Chinanews found that some ancient "intangible cultural heritage" projects are becoming more and more fashionable.

During the Shenzhen Cultural Expo, various cultural activities were staged one after another.

Photo by Fang Weibin

  "Sichuan Luzhou oil-paper umbrella retains traditional lithographs and old-fashioned tung oil production techniques, while innovating tie-dyeing, tasteless, fragrance, and UV protection", Bi Liufu, the national legal inheritor of China's intangible cultural heritage oil-paper umbrella making skills, was at the ICIF Told reporters on.

  The oil-paper umbrella is an ancient and traditional Chinese umbrella for daily use, which declined with the development of the times.

In recent years, with the prevailing national tide, there are more and more young people wearing Hanfu holding oil-paper umbrellas during traditional festivals, and the old oil-paper umbrellas have become "tide" objects in the hands of young people.

  Bi Liufu told reporters that Luzhou Oil Paper Umbrella has also entered online games, and combined with the online games of "Fantasy Westward Journey" and "Fantasy Xin Zhuxian", it has become a beautiful landscape in the game screen. He personally drew exclusive oil paper umbrellas for the protagonist in the game.

Bi Liufu, who has always adhered to the umbrella of the ancient legal system, emphasized: "Intangible cultural heritage should enter their vision in a form that is more acceptable to young people."

The distinctive Sichuan Mianzhu New Year paintings are vividly painted on paper, with bright colors and diverse changes.

Photo by Fang Weibin

  The shape of one arrow pierces the heart, glows at night, and remote-controlled fireworks... The Yangjiang Kite, a project of “Intangible Cultural Heritage” in Guangdong, is entering the field of vision in a form that young people love to hear.

The reporter saw Ganoderma lucidum kite, dragon head centipede kite, goldfish string kite, double peach kite, etc. in the Yangjiang exhibition area of ​​the ICIF.

  Liang Zhiang, the inheritor of Yangjiang Kite's "Intangible Heritage", believes that "Intangible Heritage" should be constantly innovated on the basis of adhering to tradition.

Take their leading centipede kite as an example. He has continuously improved the production process and equipped the kite with LED light-emitting modules. The faucet also has a built-in device for remote control of pyrotechnics. When flying at night, the kite lights up the night sky like stars, and the faucet can also be remotely controlled. Jetting fireworks has become a popular entertainment for young people at night.

  It is worth noting that the empowerment of digital technology is a highlight of the inheritance of "intangible cultural heritage".

Many exhibitors’ “intangible cultural heritage” projects are full of “tide” flavors and countless fans.

During the ICIF, Li Dejing, the inheritor of the Sichuan Mianzhu woodblock New Year pictures, kept communicating with technology and cultural and creative enterprises to give Mianzhu New Year pictures the wings of science and technology to attract more young people.

For example, he said that through AR technology, the New Year pictures can be "moved" to tell stories, so that children can receive the influence of traditional culture from an early age.

  In the Sichuan Mianzhu New Year Paintings exhibition area, "Three Stars", "Birthday Star Picture", "Zhao Gong Town House", "Gathering Treasures and Beads"...The distinctive Mianzhu New Year pictures are vividly painted on paper, with bright colors and diverse changes.

Li Dejing said frankly that the color pigments of the Mianzhu New Year paintings are all hand-made, and they have to go through more than ten processes such as painting, carving wood, coloring, and hooking. The cumbersome steps discourage many young people who want to learn.

  In order to let more young people fall in love with New Year pictures and pass on New Year pictures, Li Dejing's family organizes free New Year picture skills inheritance classes every summer to train batches of young apprentices who love New Year pictures.

During the exhibition, Li Dejing also produced some pattern templates, which can be quickly printed and refilled with New Year pictures, in order to attract more people to the “intangible cultural heritage” projects.

  Many "intangible heritage" inheritors interviewed by reporters from said that technology empowers the inheritance of "intangible cultural heritage", but the spirit of being a man and doing things in a down-to-earth manner cannot be changed. This is the core of the continuous inheritance of China's "intangible cultural heritage". power.