Scotland Yard has asked the people of London for help in the Sabina Nessa case, which rocked the British six months after the murder of Sarah Everard.

The 28-year-old elementary school teacher was likely murdered on the way from her apartment to a pub in south east London last Friday night.

Her body was found a day later by a woman walking in a park.

An initiative had called for a vigil on Friday.

Jochen Buchsteiner

Political correspondent in London.

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The case reminds many of the Everard assassination, which in March sparked a widespread debate about the safety of women in Britain, and the capital in particular. 33-year-old Everard was also murdered near her home in a park in south London. Her body was later found in a forest in the southern county of Kent. A London police officer later confessed to raping and murdering Everard. The verdict is expected in the coming week.

A vigil in honor of Everard was dissolved at the time due to strict corona rules and had led to ugly scenes with the police. This intensified the discussion about the priorities of state authority and politics. Conservative British Home Secretary Priti Patel hastened to say that she was being briefed on the case on a daily basis. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, spoke of an "epidemic". Within a year, 180 women were killed by men across the country, he said. However, the Labor politician himself has been criticized for having increased violent crime in London since he took office.

Scotland Yard arrested a 38-year-old man Thursday night.

At first it remained unclear whether it was the man who was captured by a surveillance camera at the crime scene.

According to newspaper reports, the video footage shows how Nessa was hit on the head by her attacker with a gun.

He is said to have loaded his victim on his shoulder and deposited it in a nearby park.

A 40-year-old man was arrested on Saturday but released a few days later.

Police released a photo of a man on Thursday asking for help with identification.